Monday, August 27, 2007

a little self-portrait loving....

i was thinking it might be kinda funny to do a photo display in the bathroom of all my family and friends (self-portraits of them)...ron wonder why the bathroom... why else.... something funny to look at while you well.... you know....
here's my attempt.... (yes, it is a self portrait using the mirror)
of course i would like them to be funny faces and stuff... so start practicing so you make it on the shrine...

Saturday, August 25, 2007

and one more thing....

...before i go to bed....
i just realized that the previous post was my 100th post
it's like a monumentous blog moment
glad you all could share it with us
us being my blog and i
okay, it's late, to bed i go!
happy weekend!

late night shopping online is baaadddd!

look what else i just found.... isn't it perfect for me!!!
although i don't really need it, but i iknda feel as if it was purchased if i doccument my "fake" purchase on my blog...
ya know?

oh i freaking love this!

look how cool!!!!!

kinda like the hambly paper.... but huge and in green and framed on the wall!!!! hmmmm, i did just get a bonus...hmmmmm...

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

art is good!

i made these fun canvases for our bedroom the other day... i can't take credit... the idea is from SIStv... but i love how they turned out.... just 10x10 canveses, painted the edges black, glued patterned paper to the front and then brushed a touch of black paint on the paper for a distressed look. voila!
the paper is so yummy... it is Amy Butler by K and Co.
As soon as i bought it i knew i had to display this paper in my house some way.
hope you like!

dare jack #3

so i docummented yesterdays new knowledge for this weeks jack over at the scrapjacked blog
thanks for looking!
oh and those cute felt lefters and flowers.... KI.... aren't the freaking cute!

Monday, August 20, 2007

who knew???

um, not sure why i didn't know this... but i was conplaining at work that you could see my bra through my white shirt...
"i'm wearing a white bra" i said
"well you're supposed to wear nude under white...."
uh.... apparantly everyone knew this... not me..... so off to target to get some nude bras.....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

i miss this girl!

my most favoritest (yes it's a word) sister!
love ya!
miss ya!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

my wicked cool mom!

i made this LO last week for a contest... you had to use 10 rub-ons, fabric and a pic from that week..... then today on my SIS account someone commented and said she didn't look old enough to be my that doncha MOM!

Monday, August 13, 2007


just wanted to hello blogworld!
been way busy and havn't been a good blogger!
and for some eye candy....
a fun LO a made last week...
Gabrielle got me hooked on this show.... but i have no shame!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

and they all said i was the mean sister!

they's true...however i put flattering pics of my mother on my blog... while my sister puts ugly ones on her's... then she goes an uploads a pic of me with my mullet....cruel, simply cruel!
it was the freaking 80's and i was punk rock and everyone of my friends wanted to do their hair like me but their parents wouldn't let them...... i was a free spirit and didn't care when guys at the groccery store called me son....
so kacy.... you just wait.... i know there are some fugly pics of you out there and i will make sure to share them with the blogworld as they are discovered!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

photo edit

the wonderfully talanted helen bradley tried to fix the below mentioned pic.... she did a way better job than me.... i think she might use it for an article.... so mom.... you and your sisters might be famous!
thanks helen!
love ya!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

i pretty much R-O-C-K

yup... melanie has tagged me as a

sooooo.... gotta pass it on....

i tag

debbi cause she made some rockin LOs this past weekend and posted em on her blog

brenda cause her blog post today is pretty much the best one ever

kacy cause only a true rocker would throw a freaking dog birthday party

jamie... cause she takes some rocking cool pics!

thanks MOM!

for giving birth to me 26 years ago today! i love you! thanks for all my awesome presents yesterday and for spending the afternoon with me! i love you!

the boley girls!

these are my mom and her sisters (minus laurie)... i have always loved this pic and so has my mom, unfortunatly she had it hanging in the kitchen for years and it got covered in kitchen grease..... i am trying to clean it up in photoshop.... any one have some expereicnce with old pics.... how can i make it look newer.... i cloned out the spots but patty's face (the little one) looks a littled f-ed up...kinda like she has downs or something.... but it still looks better than the original....