Saturday, September 20, 2008

viva mexico!

just a few of my favorite pics from mexico. it was truly a much needed, relaxing time. I love seeing my family and always miss them after trips like this. We always have a blast together (in between all the drama) and the wedding was a success too.

The view from our hotel

stools at a bar downtown

a stack of sombreros

some of the dia de los muertos skeletons that i was crazy about

my sister Kacy and I

our cousin Collette at the pool... she is the cutest and so much fun.

some wedding shots

ron and i at the wedding

thanks for checking them out.

I am leaving tonight for New York but will be back on monday.
till then.....

Thursday, September 18, 2008

trash the dress

Some pictures as we trashed Jenna's wedding dress. Lots of fun, but I felt so bad for her cause it was over 100 degrees and that dress weighed a ton once it was full of water. She was however a great sport, as was Paul her new husband.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i totally forgot to post before i left town but we are in mexico right now. about 1 hour outside of cancun in a cute town called Playa del Carmen. lots of charm and amazing beaches.

my sister Jenna got married here on saturday and the entire family has been here all week swimming, drinking, laughing and making some great memories. we head home tomorrow and while i will be a bit relieved to say goodbye to the extreme humidity, i can't say i will miss my lazy afternoons at the pool, unlimited margaritas and seeing my family every morning. it has been a wonderful trip... despite the fact that i somewhat accidentily hit my brother in the face yesterday and cut his eyebrow open with my wedding ring... ooops, long story....

i will post pictures when i am home, but so far my favorite part was helping out at a trash the dress photo shoot the day after the wedding. i told my sister about this back when she got engaged but i never thought she would be up for it... but she loved the idea and i can't wait to see the results... she is beautiful and her new husband is a charming fire fighter so everyone at the beach thought we were doing a high fashion shoot... it was quite funny.

i also found this amazing shop downtown that has tons of wonderful dia de los muertos stuff. i love it all and think i may be coming home with a handful of skeletons.

in other news, i just bought this lovely kit. i am so excited for my friend KL and wish her only the best. she truely has a wonderful eye for this kind of thing. Congrats Kerry. I am so proud of you and can't wait to play with the kit.

hasta luego amigos!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

it was 1970 something...

i have a new addiction.
yearbook yourself
i have always thought i was meant to have been born in another generation...
but after looking at these i'm pretty sure i'm best where i am.
have fun playing.