Thursday, May 31, 2007


aggghhhh....i was just followed by a crazy lady! really! she thinks i cut her off, but we both merged into the same lane at the same time...and she was the one speeding...whatever...

so we are in front of her and she is now tailgaiting and waving her fist at me outside the window.... so i break check her and slow down to about 25mph...she could have changed lanes but she continues to follow she pulls a video camera out and starts taping me...while she's driving....WTF!

so i turn into a parking lot and she follows me there. there is a stop sign in the lot so i stop. and sit there. she is now laying on her horn and yelling profanities out the window at me. i yell at her to stop tailgaiting and slow down.

while crazy lady is honking and yelling uncontrolably... another woman walks by and asks if i am okay and would i like her to call the cops... no, she is just's not her fault...

i then drive away and crazy keeps following me up and down the parking lot lanes (still yelling and honking)
she finally turns away as i begin to leave the parking lot....

what a nutso! she was actually videotaping the whole event while she was driving.....hmmm, and she is accusing me of being a bad driver....

in other news, went to costplus and bought every flavor or nando's sauce that they had. i will surprise the hubby tonight with a nice din-din a la london style

peri peri sauce!

i am so totally excited right now!

first, let me say that while we were in london last year, ron and a really hard time finding food he really liked. we ate at burger king multiple times cause he wasn't liking the local cuisine. on our last few days there we discoverd this amazing chicken resturant called Nandos. they use their famous peri peri sauce and mmmmm it was so good. we ended up eating there 2 or 3 more times before we left.

ronny mentions this place periodically throughout the year and drools.

so today, igot onto google and low and behold...they sell the actual sauce all over the place (costplus)

so, i think i am gonna go out to santa rosa today and get him a bottle or two as a surprise. this will work out especially nice considering he is on an all chicken diet...and lost 25 lbs so far doing it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

almost forgot...

i have a stalker...

well, kinda... something about the green apron i guess, cause all of us girls get them at the bux...but this one went too far...

he invited me to montery for the weekend with him....
um...i don't think so....

first- he drives a giant old scarry creepy van....
second...he IS creepy
third.....he's at least 50
oh yeah and fourth.......I"M MARRIED!

he always tries to chat it up with me...which i normally enjoy with most customers, but he is just weird, he says weird things to me everyday and makes scary creepy non blinking intense eye contact at all times

so to you....creppy stalker i will not go away with you for the weekend...and i am only nice to you cause i am getting paid to do scare me mister...leave me alone!

okay thanks...had to get that may now return to your regular scheduled blogging!

it's friday...kinda...

well it's my friday! YIPPEE!

and look how funny my barista brittney is...i called her a dork...cause she she wrote this on my cup...

makes me smile! it says fellow dork...sorry but i still can't figure out how to reverse the image on my iphoto and i am too lazy to get my regular camera...take the pic and upload to the computer for one i cheat and use the camera and my awesome imac!

have a great thursday!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

rule of the day!

okay... if you are at starbucks waiting in line....figure out what you and your kids are ordering instead of gabbing away with a friend...cause when you get to the register you hold the whole line up cause you don't know what you want to order.....

uhhh.... hypothetically speaking!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Back to regular life now that kacy is gone.
gotta love the life of a retail manager....working all weekend on a holiday...
and i really love the people who come in and say
"what are you doing this holiday weekend?"

what does it look like i'm doing...making coffee for all of the lucky people like you who get it of!!!!

but really, i love my job!
no really, i do, i just can't wait for the day when i too can enjoy a 3 day weekend with the rest of the world.

but i guess summer is officially here, we have already used our bbq twice..and gonna again tonight! yippee!

have a great memorial day!

Saturday, May 26, 2007


kacy and CB just left back for Winters to go to a wedding. We had a great time yesterday. We took the pups for a nice hour long walk around the college. Cowboy have up toward the end and just laid down on the grass in the shade...the look on his face was can't make me walk anymore! he mustered up the energy to get home where we laid around outside and laughed at the dogs. Toby and CB loved chasing and wrestling each other. Lola was a little scared since he is 3 times her size...she would not stop barking at him. Ron fired up the grill and we chowed down on steak and chicken and corn and potatoes. Yum! the first bbq of the season was great. brenda stopped by to meet Kacy and CB and we chatted for a bit with her. Later, all the "kids" and kacy and i passed out on the couches. it was a lot of relaxing fun. i always love it when she comes to visit, but this time was especially great cause my little "nephew" came too!
oh, and kacy and i had way too much fun using the iphoto booth on the mac...we were laughing so hard we were crying...

Friday, May 25, 2007


look who i have.....


the cousins are having a blast....but both cowboy and lola were pretty surprised that the other was able to howl as much as them. they have been having barking face-offs all day...
check it out!

food for thought

thought i would share my favorite quote for a little food for thought...

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate, our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be?"
–Nelson Mandela

Thursday, May 24, 2007

guess who comes tomorrow????

yup! my wonderful sister and Cowboy. he gets a playdate with his cousins L & T. can't wait..... we will be bbqing while the dogs play and we drink plenty of margaritas...or maybe wine....or both! luv it!

Monday, May 21, 2007

best show ever!

YEAH! Tonight is the season finale of Heros! i love this show! soooo good!

and now....
some fun picture loving....

cool huh?

last night i got a little crafty and decided to make some homeade greeting cards. it was fun but now i don't want to give them away.... i watched one of my all time favorite movies... What dreams may come.... sooo visually stunning, artsy and wonderful! i have seen it a thousand times and i still cry...but it is sooo good and creative!
let me know what one of your favorite movies is!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

one more thing today....

all this spring cleaning is totally making me want to redo my kitchen

i have been wanting to do it in a retro 50's style for like ever... i have alot of the stuff to get it done, but i totally want to paint one wall bright aqua blue/green and i think my husband will freak if i do. only becuase we rent our house. i don't think it is a big deal cause we could just paint over it.... hmmm...maybe i will do it on next day off....

oh, and i totally want to do this to my fridge

since i can't get one of these fridges

or this one...

seariously..... the first major purchase i will make once i own my home will be a cool colored fridge.... or the next time that i have an extra $2500....which ever comes first.....

my closet

cleaned out our hall closet today. and i found some funny things.

1. my cd walkman that i won at grad night in high school. so funny. i thought it was so cool. it was so cool8 years ago when i won it. it even has a conector that you can put in your car cassete player so you can listen to cds in your car. too funny. that will be going in the garage sale.

2. an old home movie my best friend angi and i made in high school. a music video of sorts, dancing to "girls" by the beastie boys. need to figure out how to upload a vhs to my comouter so i can share. soooo funny.

3. a bunch of old tapes from when we would TAPE tv shows when we weren't home. okay, i know some people still do this, but wow, life before tivo sucked! plus the tv shows were kinda funny too cause they were old....

4. in that collection of taped tv shows i found a complilation of the gameshow Super Market Sweep. my old roomie and i auditioned to be on the show so we would tape all the episodes to "practice". hahaha! we actually were accepted to be on the show, but it was cancelled a few weeks after we were accepted. bummer.

5. my ticket stubs and itinerary from our honeymoon to Cabo. why ron was saving them i don't know. it was a great trip though!

lots of other old stuff that is going to the garage sale, but those things made me smile!

some sunday picture loving

the original starbucks in seatlle's pike place market. i love this place. it has all the original wood from 1971...just georgeous... and look at the ladder along the retail wall....kinda charlie and the chocolate factory like.....

these little icream trucks were all over the UK. this one was in the town of Lecock. yum! it was the best icecream ever. i can't even explain how good it is. it is called super wippy. i have never tasted any icecream like it....mmmm, kinda like cool whip and soft serve combined...but better!

and finally...Toby. I love this picture of him...he is sooooo cute, don't ya think?

enjoy the rest of your weekend,

Thursday, May 17, 2007

more spring cleaning!

well, got more done today and again it feels Great! I worked in my studio cleaning and purging. Didn't get ever inch of the room done as i did in the bedroom, but i will keep working on it. I think i am going to have a garage sale in a month or so cause i a finding so much stuff i don't need. might as well make some $ if i can.

and... i finally cleaned off my desk in here so i can move my new computer from the kitchen to the office. Yes, my computer has been set up on the kitchen table for the past month. It doesn't really matter cause we never eat at the table anyways.

so... order is enterying my life....slowly, but it is coming!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


laundrey basket: $12

detergant: $5

fabric softner: $4

water bill: $40

getting 15 loads of laundrey complete and not having any dirty clothes in the house except for whats on my body....


oh yeah baby.... it feels sooooo good! Lola is not too happy about it though cause there are no dirty socks on the ground to chew on!

Friday, May 11, 2007

i don't have to be me til monday!

(love that country song!)

yeah, i have a full weekend off...that never happens. got me a 6pack and a day in the sun!
(with protective sunscreen of course)

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


just for fun! a little hello to my cousin Gabrielle!
love you!

hapy hump day

1. Lost is on tonight! love this show!

2. what happened to spring? it has been like 90 degrees here. i'm not ready for summer yet.

3. I hope the Warriors win tonight!

4. This was a cute movie. very funny! we watched it last night.

5. Here is the song i am obsessed with right now! i love lily allen. it's not her song, but i like her cover better than the original.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

hello blogworld!

lola and toby wanted to say hi!

why was my day yucky?

so on saturday i decided to go and give blood. everything went well until it was time to take the needle out and all of the sudden i got really dizzy and light heated. then i got sick and it was all bad from there. they made me stay there for a while until i was okay to go. I left, got home and was fine if i was lying down but as soon as i stood up i would get dizzy and sick again. NO FUN!

oh well, all better now and i saved three lives by donating!

Sunday, May 6, 2007

the best way to fix a yucky day....

it's all about the Friends baby!
my wonderful hubby got me the entire series for xmas
who doesn't love 80 hours of the best show ever....
that's almost 4 whole days of chandler, monica, joey, phoebe, ross and rachel
oh yeah... and ugly naked guy!
i love it!

Friday, May 4, 2007

a good day!

woke up
took the dogs out
drank a latte
ate a snickers icecream bar and then a bowl of cereal
checked email
watched last nights episode of the office
took a nap (yes....only 1.5 hrs after waking)
checked on dogs
checked email...again
downloaded some itunes
drank a beer
cooked dinner
watched giants game
cleaned up from dinner

and all this and i am still in my mismatched pjs, my hair is a mess and i have a huge zit growing on my cheek...luv it!

10 things

that i am loving right now!

1. GS Warriors.... I believe!
2. pistachio icecream (especially the green kind)
3. Feist
4. lilly allen's version of nieve by the kooks
5. hambly screen prints
6. Lost.... it is getting sooooo good!
7. sleeping dogs
8. my job!
9. great white beer
10. spendig my entire day off in my pjs doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

i'm alive... i swear!

i feel like i have been really busy latly and that should be the excuse for not bloggin.... but then when i think about it...all i have done is work.

i did spend a day at my mom's working in her garden as her birthday present. her yard is amazing....i am so jelous.
on sunday i went to the Apple Blossom fest in sebastopol with brenda and her girls. Small festival, but it was a nice day in the sun. i got a little burnt.....imagine that! :)

last night ron and i had got to go to the giants game. It was great. Amazing seats right on the 3rd base line behind the dugout and about 20 rows back. and.... THEY WON! I love this time of the year. Giants are doing great. Warriors and Sharks are both in the's a great time to be a sports fan in the bay area!

off to bed now.... i just got home from work and i am pooped!