Tuesday, October 30, 2007

it's britney bit@#

shamless... i know... but i bought it today and it toally rocks.... i have been dancing all day.... give it chance people....

Monday, October 29, 2007

it's beginning to look like halloween...

so i come home from work today (ron was off) and he has all the carving stuff ready to go.... so we start carving.... and he pops in "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" and we sat there watching it carving our pumpkins and drinking caramel apple ciders.... we are total nerds and i love it! so of course i ran and put on my halloween charlie brown shirt cause i can only wear it a few more times until next year.... anyways, great night.... and there is still Heroes to come.... (smile).... oh and i made these yummis last night.... i meant to take them to work but so far they haven't gotten too far past the kitchen if ya know what i mean...
happy haunting!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

finally made it to the pumpkin patch.... that damn corn maze took hours to get outta of.... but we didn't cheat like everyone else we went with..... tomorrow night we are getting pumpkins and carving our little hearts out!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007


is what i saw when i walked out into the yard today.... 2 dogs covered head to toe in red shimmer..... how you ask.... let me tell you about this freaking shimmer.....

on saturday i recieved a scrapbooking kit in the mail
opened it to find a large RED ziploc bag...hmm, i thought, i didn't know ziploc bags came in red....
i proceed to open sed ziploc bag only to be covered by red shimmer as it comes flying outta the bag
so there was shimmer in the kit (like eyeshadow consistancy) that opened and ruined the kit and now also my shirt, lovely!

so i take the bag into the yard to salvage what i can in the kit
fill a bowl with water and begin cleaning anything i can
there i am covered in shimmer, my yard is covered in shimmer, and i realize this stupid kit is really not worth the trouble...
so i take what i saved into the house and left the bowl of now red water in the yard.
later that day, i see the bowl as spilled and the red water is all over my deck...
afraid it will stain the deck, i squirt everything off with the hose
as i clean out the bowl the h2o backfires into my face
now i am even more covered in shimmer
oh and i stepped in dog poop somewhere in the middle of all this...

it was like in movies when 20 thousand bad things happen to one person all within the span of 10 minutes... and you think, this would never all happen to one person at the same time..... yeah, i was that person

fast forward to today, well i thought i threw away the original ziploc bag.... but clearly i didn't cause the dogs found it, shreaded it and covered themselves in lovely shimmer.... i still havn't gotten it completly off them......

oh well, just another day in my crazy life.... and it makes for a good story too :)

two more...

here's two more from last weekend at the crop.... used up some of my RVA kit on the country one and the new Kristina Contes kit from SIStv for the london one...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

can i just say yum!

on the catwalk....

yippee! this LO is on the catwalk this week at SIStv thanks to this lovely lady. that made my day. i had so much fun this past sunday at the SIStv norcal crop in fremont... such a great group of ladies.

Monday, October 22, 2007

yabba dabba do!

gosh i haven't blogged in over a week.... oops! i was busy last week getting ready for a costume party and spent the week in meetings for work and other draining stuff like that... :(
but my weekend was great....
we had a blast at the party and our costumes were a hit... it took me 3 years to convince ron to do this one, but he did make the perfect Fred... hehe!
now i just want to scrap them!

Saturday, October 13, 2007

RVA techniques

Here are how i did some of the fun techniques on my RVA layouts.... please comment if you have questions and i will totally help ya out!

A- this one is simple and so cool....
If you like the look of polaroid pics on LOs but don't have a poloroid camera or don't want to invest in one try what i did in the
Funky Finds LO.

#1: crop your pic into a square using your editing software of choice (phoshop etc) making the dimensions 3x3
#2: print on regular white photo paper
#3: when you cut out the pic, leave a 1/4 inch white boarder on the sides and top and a full inch boarder on the bottom

That easy... and it totally looks like a polaroid!

B- another easy one, but requires patients....
i love these little circles from the Jack and Abby circle quilt pp but i wanted them to have a bit more dimenssion, ya know?

#1 cut out the circles of your choice
#2 adhere to LO but only use a dab of adhesive in the center of the circle, be sure no adhesive is on the sides of the
#3 use glossy accents or diamond glaze to cover the top of each circle
#4 let dry completely overnight... try not to get eager like me and poke it all night (he he)

once it's dry the glossy accents gives it some sheen and dimension but also since you only have adhesive in the middle it causes the edges of them to curl up... super cute in the album, hard to see in a photo... but here's a close-up

C- i screamed when this one worked!
#1 pick any pp or fabric (i used the Japanese woodland characters fabric from the kit on Imagination...)
#2 color copy it onto a piece of transperancy paper (from the office supply store)
#3 let the ink dry about 30 minutes

you totally just made your own overlay... try it with paper, fabric, whatever...

So there ya have it, hope those sparked some ideas! have fun trying them and let me know if ya do cause i would love to see the LO and how you guys worked it out!
Happy Creating!

Friday, October 12, 2007

red velvet lovin'

these are the badboys i made with the red velvet art October kit... i love they way they all turned out, such warm and cozey colors that kit is filled with, lots of fun to play with. i'll be sharing some techniques later this month.. stay tuned. oh and go check out what the other GD's created with the kit.
happy rainy friday!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

2 new things for fall!

a comfy orange hoodie and a pumpkin scented candle.... oh and i made cookies tonight too that we enjoyed while drinking our apple cider... yup, this is my favorite time of the year!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

waiting for fall..

it's almost here, i feel it wanting to burst in.... it is getting colder at night and i am having the sudden urges for caramel apple ciders from The Bucks... i have been dying to take our annual trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze in Petaluma, but no one else seems to feeling it so far.. :( i spent all last fall listening to her so i decided to dig that one out of the collection for the month. my scraproom looks like a tornado hit it and i have some serious scrapping to do tomorrow so i think tonight will consist of some serious organizing with the company of Desperate Housewives :)

did this one last week... love the pink and green together. almost everything is hambly overlays. the pic is from Brian and Sadie's wedding in august.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

battery charged....

and we're ready for a little self portrait loving....

i'm so mad my battery ran out...

and these were the only pics i got to take today in berkely shopping.... don't be jelous, but we hit up all the great places...
Urban Outfitters, Paper Source, Anthropologie, Scrapbook Territory and Nations for lunch!
I was crying all day about not having my camera to take some cool pics cause that was the plan, but i shot some with the Holga, so we'll see how those are once i develop them...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

fall tv

did anyone see the new show Pushing Daisies last night??? I am hooked. Such a fun and innovative story line and visually it is amazing. it is being called a forensic fairytale.... It is on weds at 8 on ABC. this is the preview, but it pretty much recaps everything that happened in episode one. Check it out...

i totally love it.. thank goodness my tivo allows me to dual record cause i am into Kid Nation too.... i am and always have been a total tv addict.... i often get excited in the morning cause a certain show is on that night.... like tonight, the best night of tv... the office, greys, survivor, ER, CSI... mmmm, gotta love thursdays!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Monday, October 1, 2007

there's no place like home

so excited to recieve this kit... it should be in my mailbox anyday... can't wait to create with it.....

oh yeah, and this etsy artist is super bad

in other news, i am sick with the enevitable cold of all colds so i am pretty bumbed about that.... so off to down some NyQuil and hit the sack...