Saturday, July 28, 2007

the fair

we went! this past week! we go every year... it wouldn't be summer without a trip to get some yummy food, check out the live stock and arts and crafts and ride some coasters... too bad ron took me on this crazy ride that made me feel sick so i wouldn't go on anymore.... i myself prefer the fun house and the haunted house... here's my fav pics from our day and also a layout with our photobooth pics....
tfl, (okay that means thanks for looking for all you non scrappers)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


i'm here! sorry no updates in a while... if you didn't know the final Harry Potter book came out and i have been engulfed.... 500 pgs in 250 to go...can't stop reading... must finish book!
speaking of my book... look what dumb dumb Lola did today.... least she didn't ruin any of the pages... i say it adds character to the book... looks like it went through a battle or something...

Friday, July 20, 2007


this week's word at "one little word" is simplicity.....
this layout was difficult to photograph because i used a transperancy for the background paper...

title says---
the ordinary acts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest
journaling reads---
every morning...
gotta have my cup of coffee!


Monday, July 16, 2007

yum yum yum!

love new music...
love this song...

Friday, July 13, 2007

and the winner is....

mellymel said...
i anonymously sent a vera bradley scarf to a woman at church who is losing her hair to chemo. the wool hat she had on last Sunday just looked too warm.
i love doing stuff like that when i can. this is a cool idea for a RAK.

according to a random drawing.....

pm me your address via SIS Mellymel!

you guys did some awesome stuff... makes ya feel good huh?

okay this one just cracked me up tooo much! sorry you didn't win Kacy, but you are my sister and you can get free coffee when ever you want!
kacy g. said...
Probably wont compare to all the others here, everyone seems like such great people. but today on my walk with cowboy we picked up a pile of poop that was right on the sidewalk and was not even ours (or his actually since I dont partake to pooping on sidewalk). Anyway it was in front of this old lady's house and I felt bad because nobody wants to come home to a steaming pile right in their walkway, and no elderly woman should have to stoop down to clean it up. I dont blame the pooper though because CB has tricked me twice this week on walks by "going" 2x when I only had one bag. Ohwell, Sh*t happens! :)

my silly lil' sister...

okay, first, i havn't picked a winner yet, but you guys have some awesome stories... i willing be drawing someone at random later... i just had to share what a dork my sister is..... this was on her blog this morning.... such a nerd that girl is... i just wish i could go to the party... i am sure Cowboy's cousins would love to be there for his BIG day....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coffee Giveaway!

okay, so here's the deal...
i've talked a few times about the joy of performing random acts of kindness.... i live for doing things like this... makes me feel so good. on monday i recieved a package... thinking it was my ebay order of scrapbooking goods i ripped into the box like a madwoman... what? a cast iron skillet? i didn't order this! looking at the invoice i see it reads
"to diane, happy birthday, love mom and dad"
omg... this poor girl is not gonna get her birthday present!
thnakfully the sender's address was on the invoice and he lived in Novato, CA, the town where i work
call 411 and get his #
my phone call with him went like this
nikki- Hello, Michael?
Michael- yes this is michael
n- hi, i live in rohnert park and recieved a package for yuor daughter's birthday present... the cast iron skillet....
m- yes?????
n- so i have been wanting to get a cast iron skillet for a few years so i just wanted to say thankyou... i love it!
n- just kidding... how would you like me to get it back to you?
m- um, i guess i could drive and pick it up
n- well isee you live in novato, i work there so i can just swing it by your house
m- oh my icouldn't ask you to do that
n- no big deal, i'm there everyday for work. consider it done!

so i dropped it by his houe yesterday and he thanked me with a wonderful bottle of wine (drank it last night and i am a bit hung over.... but it was good wine!)

so here's the purpose of my post.... i want to see what random act of kindness you are gonna do today. it could be something small like or big.... just try to make a difference in someone's day...
afterwards leave a comment describing your RAK here on my blog. I will draw a winner on Friday who will recieve a starbucks goodie bag... yum! coffee!
check back on friday to see who won!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

dare # 70

this week at the effer dares you are supposed to find things someone else might throw out and recycle it in a layout....well i actually found garbage.... not sure what it went to but the yellow doodle background is a piece of cardboard i found on the ground in a parking lot... how could anyone throw this away??? it is so fun and colorful!
so here's my dare!

Saturday, July 7, 2007

i don't wanna go...

back to work that is.... i have day the past 3 days off and it has been amazing... 3 days off is the only way to go. i did so much and had a really good time. yestersay my wonderful husband cleaned the garage and the yard all day and never nagged me once while i was inside being lazy. i did clean my scrapbook room and create 3 pages..that's productive....
he worked all day and then made me a hotdog for lunch and then took all my junk to the goodwill.... so i took him out to dinner last night. here is a LO i did of my little nephew a few weeks ago... kacy keeps nagging me to post it cause she wants a looksy.
also, these are my favorite shoes right now...can't beat $12 at Target!
enjoy your weekend. stop by for a frappuccino if you want to see me!

Friday, July 6, 2007

day 2 of 3 day weekend!

i convinced brenda to call in sick to work yesterday so we could spend the day it a mental health day! it has been H-O-T here in california so that was the only downer... we scrapped all afternoon and then went out to dinner with her daughter brandi and debbi. brandi and i then went to see knocked up with ron. brandi works at the movie theatre so she get free movies for herself and 3 guests whenever she wants. it was a laugh your @$$ off kinda film...but a little too long.
here is one of the pages i did yesterday.... it's for the scrapjacked blog....

Thursday, July 5, 2007

my favorite holiday!

4th of july is my alltime favorite holiday... so much fun! we had a great day yesterday. spent family time at home with ron and the dogs, went out to breakfast... took a nap.... went to debs for a quick visit... bbqed dinner.... f ireworks at the fairgrounds with brenda and the gang... back to brenda's to light off our own... beddy bye!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

for fun!

i got my new camera lens yesterday so i took it to work to get some pictures of people (one can only take so many pics of things like shoes, food, coffee and dogs)

i am loving all these shots!

some of my cute baristas!

Monday, July 2, 2007

get scrappy!

here's another one i did this weekend at deb's house!
i have been missing a hubcap on my car for ever. i will replace the missing one and within a few weeks another is gone! it's just the way i roll! curtis and ron always give me hard time about it... but it bothers them way more than me. I think it gives the car character!
thanks for looking!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

OLW--- new

This weeks word on the "one little word" site is new.. so that means you have to create a layout with the word new... here's mine. I was complaning to ron the other day that i didn't want to do my laundry. He asked why i always hate doing it so much. It's not really that doing the laundrey is that bad.. pretty easy actually, throw it the wash then the dryer... it's folding that i really hate. Ron said to look at it like getting "NEW" clothes...