Saturday, June 30, 2007

parking update

just got a letter from SF parking... it will take up to 4 monthes for them to review my case but no more charges will incure during the review process....

friday fore play...a day late!

okay so this one isn't a song.. but i am hooked on so you think you can dance and the have some bboys this year... and well plus, this move is called the coffee grinder, so really, how could i resist?

okay, so i changed my theme.. no music this week, another dance... i love this one from last season.. so much fun!

and this one is amazing! chills...seriously!

and the best one so far from this season..

enjoy your fourplay!

Friday, June 29, 2007

until we meet again mr. icecream man...

i finally caught him... the tension has been building for a week.. but today my plan worked....
back up, backup!
everyday the icecreamman drives down our street... but this is no ordinary icecream man.. he drives super fast...
everyday, i hear him and go running to catch him, but by the time i get out of the house, he has cruised halfway down the street, i wave and yell, but he doesn't stop.
so yesterday was a day like any other.... i hear THE SONG and i scrample to the change bowl and swoop up a handful of quarters. shoes? shoes? where's my shoes? no time for shoes nikki... you gotta book it or you'll miss him... run, for the love of icecream RUN!
NOOOO! He's gone... that sneeky man has bamboozled me again, oh the misery!
and that's the moment i unveiled my master plan... next time, i would be ready... so i got my handful of quarters and neatly stacked them on the hutch by the front door... and i waited.....
at about 3:37 today i heard him... louder than usual...
go!go! if the plan is gonna work you gotta go! so i jumped off the bed and jetted to the front door, grapped my stack of dubloons and swung open the door.
he was right in front of the house and moving fast.
YEAHHHHH!!!!! STOPPPP!!!!! huffing and puffing i ran to the truck. already feeling my victory i promtly said,
1 chaco taco please!
$2.50 later (yes, icecream prices sure have risen... stupid inflation) i was enjoying my delicious treat and releshing in his defeat!
really, i have no shame. you'de think i, at the well groomed age of 25 i would be more mature than to strategically plan an attack on the ice cream man but... i 'm not! it felt great to go chasing that truck.... so i ask you...when was the last time you let your inhibitions go and chased down the street like a 7yo?
try it!

stupid san francisco!

i am so annoyed. i parked my car on the street in san francsico earlier this month on a tuesday am. i then got a ticket for street cleaning. the sign said street cleaning mon, weds, friday AM... i was parked there tuesday AM... WTF?
so i wrote a letter explaining my case and protesting the ticket as i am certain i did nothing wrong.
yesterday i got a letter saying my ticket still hadn't been paid and it now has some additional late charges tacked on...

okay, so the original ticket was only $25, but it is the principle. i am not paying for something i didn't do. you know?

one of my customers used to work for the PD in SF and said parking ticketers do this all the time. they give out tickets when the violator was clearly doing nothing wrong. the logic is that if they do this to 100 people, 80 of them will just pay the fine, while the other 20 will fight it.
what person would just PAY the ticket when they did nothing wrong.
sure, i guess it might have been easier for me to just pay it then write letter after letter to the Department of Traffic and Parking... but it is the principle....

so count me in with the 20 people who fight! i will not pay this ticket. i will just keep sending my letters... seriously, the sign did not say tuesday and i had a friend double check for me to ensure i was not crazy...

stupid san francisco... this is why i live in the suburbs!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

i'm no ansel adams...

...yet! so you know those really great pictures where the subject is in total focus but the backgroundis blurring... yeah, i totally want to do that.... learning to use this camera is fun, but frustrating too. here is my best attempt so far... the background is kinda blurring...right?


yum! this is sooo my new favoirte summer time drink! a blueberry white iced tea lemonade... so good and refreshing! plus, it's pink and that makes anything taste better!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

have a creative day!

YIPPEEE! i am on my way to deb's house for a fun filled day of scrapping... plus she is making me her famous mac n cheese for dinner. yum! so excited to create! i'll share tomorrow what i make! i tried to do some self portriets today...i soo need some work taking these...but practice makes perfect...oh yeah, plus i should clean my mirror next time cause it left spots on some of the ones i used the mirror for....

Friday, June 22, 2007


ooohhhh... these rooms are all so pretty... makes me want to decor8.... so delicious!

ETA_ my fav is the top left one, but i also like the bottom right!

Friday Four Play

okay, here are my favorite four songs for the week.... i hope you likey!
this one makes me want to dance. plus i love the retro feel!

this one i discovered on mtv last night and i love it... total bubblegum plus, my lipgloss IS poppin!

okay and these guys are coming to the fair this year and i soooo want to go, just gotta convince ron that is will be a worth wild concert

and i am crazy about her... the new album rocks!


Thursday, June 21, 2007

sir paul!

okay so i found this video today... it was directed by Michael Gondry who did two of my favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine and Science of Sleep... so i thought i would check out the video.. plus, we are promoting this cd at work and it is all we listen to so i wanted to be educated... ya know?
interesting video... a little cooky but artsy and fun too! the song annoyed me at first, but i promise you will be singing it all day!
let me know what ya think!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


the new camera is charged and ready to play with... yippee!
now i have to take lots of pics so i have something to scrapbook this weekend!
spending saturday at debbi's... cropping the day away... so excited!
brenda... are you coming too??? please say YES!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

random tues i forgot that the battery needs to charge... so i am participating in cheryl's random tuesday game:
you have to answer with three answers...


Things I fear: water where i can't see the bottom, losing my dogs, clowns!

People who make me laugh: my sister, my husband, and joey from friends!
Things I love: traveling, coffee, family!

Things I hate: fish sticks, 115 degree summers, MASH (the tv show)

Things I don't understand: mean customers! it's just coffee people!

Things on my desk:a half drinken iced venti unsweetened black tea, chapstick, a jar of skippy peanut butter.... (i like to eat it with a spoon)

Things I'm doing right now:waiting for the battery of my new camera to charge, watching jeopordy, delaying the fact that i should go to bed

Things I want to do before I die: travel, have kids, buy a house!

Shows I watched as a kid: rainbow bright, you cna't do that on television, saved by the bell!

Things I think you should listen to: ingrid michaelson... her album rocks the house, 80's music, knbr sports radio

Things you should NEVER listen to: the association, mean people and negative peeps!

Things I'd like to learn: to play golf, about my grandma's childhood, to take killer photos!

Favorite foods: shrimp, homemade tacos, teriyaki chicken burgers!

Things I can't do: sit still, talk less, be without a cell phone

Things I can do: a back flip, skydive, make a mean cappuccion!

i'm hooked!

after our manager's meeting today we went to the driving range for a little team building activity... i love this sport... well... at least i love the driving range. so much fun!
and in other news... my new baby finally arrived.... the new camera.... i am bumbed cause i need to go to bed soon to get up at 3am for work so i don't have alot of time to play with it.
so... off to play with the new toy!

Monday, June 18, 2007

looks like someone is having a bad case of the mondays.....

a little video loving...

and a little creative loving....


Sunday, June 17, 2007

simply a gansta!

haha.. yeah right... i have too much fun with iphoto booth!
off to my dad's house for father's day din-din.
happy sunday!

i'm getting old....

okay, not really... but the other day at work i made some pop culture references and no one got them... cause the are too young...

it went like this..

16 y/o girl: can i take my break now?
me: i don't know. ask the boss. (pointing to my asssistant manager) and i don't mean Bruce Springstien...!)
16yo: (with a blank stare) who is bruce springstien and why is he the boss?

she really had never heard of him. it happened again later that night when i quoted the movie "Don't Tell Mom the BabySitters Dead" and none of the girls had seen it or heard of it.....

26 is going to be an interesting year!

here is a little L/O i made to commerate the conversation. it is for the scrapjacked blog.

one little word (OLW)

this ones for the OLW blog.... this weeks word was 'MY'..... i haven't scrapbooked in almost 2 monthes and it felt really good to sit, get messy and creative. i love the finished project! enjoy!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

and then there's days like yesterday....

for all the mean customers i deal with... i have a day like yesterday that reminds me how much i enjoy my job....

a woman came in with a scarf on her head covering the hair she had lost to chemo. i take her drink order and then she says:
"i think i'll have chocolate chip cookie too...since i just finished chemo...."
me: congratulations.... how many more treatments do you have?
her: none! i am all done!
me: well double congratulatins...let me buy your drink for you today.

she just started at me and said she didn't know what to say. i told her to say thankyou and enjoy her cappuccino. she started to tear up at the restiger almost in shock at what i had done. after she got her drink she came over to me, gave me a hug and introduced herself. i hugged her back and said "way to go! you deserve it!

now i give away free drinks all the time...when it is someones birthday, when they seem to be having a bad day etc.... but often times they are almost unappreciative.... the simple act of giving her a free drink almost brought this woman to tears and i am sure that it made her day too... i know it made mine, as well as the 3 girls that were working with me....

it just reminds me how much random acts of kindness can effect someones day!


Friday, June 15, 2007


card shipping..... camera should arrive mon......

would you like a malt????

okay so i finally have some decent pics of the new kitchen... going for a retro 50's feel....
still need to do some work on the rest of the kitchen... but this wall is done and i love it!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

a dose of creativity...

just wanted to share this funny layout of kacy.... i got the sketch from the talented Elsie Flannigan...

i don't think i am meant to own this camera!

so, i decided what camera i wanted and started researching the best price online.... went to different stores etc... went to bestbuy last week to buy it and the kid was an idiot, so i didn't buy it from him.... went to shutterbug and it wasn't on sale there like i thought...found it onsale at Ritz online with no sales tax and no shipping, so i went to the ritz store to see if they could match the same price... they would, but they had to charge the sales tax... by this point i just wanted the camera, so i bought it there.... realized the sales tax was $60 and started regretting not getting it online... plus the kid there seemed so unappreciative of the sale he just made and didn;t even thank me..... so i took it back.

i came home on tuesday and bought it online for a great sohuld have been here by tomorrow...buuuutttt....

the return has not yet credited to my account and it won't process for 5-7 the online purchase was declined...uuurrgggg.... so i can't order it till the return processes... soooooo frustrating.... i just want my camera after all this researching and shopping.......

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


first let me start by saying...i finally have a camera so i can share real pics..... not mine, i borrowed it from brenda for the ay, but my new one is shipping and will be here by friday hopefully!

today was the starbucks Tin Cup. it raises $ for our CUP fund (caring unites partners) it is money for our own employees in times of crisis...think floods, fires, deaths etc. it is all money only for employees and donated by employees...pretty cool!

so we made a team for the golf tournament...keep in mind, none of us have ever golfed.... well i am known to do pretty good if there is a windmill involved...but that is it! we had an hour lesson in the am and then golfed in the afternoon....only 9 holes, but that was enough....we had fun, but it was H-O-T! 90+ and they gave all the carts to the peeps on the 18 hole course so we were footing it the hole day.... we did win best dressed and have a crystal golf ball to show for it! it was a great day and i actually think i would consider golfing again..... in cooler weather with a cart that is......

eta--- if anyone ever tells you that golf is not an athleticly demaning sport.... don't believe them... i am sore as a back, arms, abs...ohhhh... i am such a loser...

Saturday, June 9, 2007


off to the game today...have a great weekend!
if anyone in the bayarea wants two tickets to todays me.... I have some!

Friday, June 8, 2007

guilty pleasure #147

can't help it but i love to watch re-runs of the OC will i get ready for work! ahhhh... teenage melodramas! luv it!
also, i spent all am shopping for digital cameras online...i know what i want now i just need to find the best deal...


my camera is totally for real...can't find it anywhere and i tore apart teh whole digital camera and i am going crazy.... i really don't want to shell out the money for a new one...but iguess i must!


to answer some questions....
1. the phone in the kitchen works. it even takes coins, but you don't have to pay to use it. the coins go into a bank and there is a key to open it and get them out...just like a real payphone.
2. Ron says our kitchen looks like we are at chevy's or applebees, but itold him if he hated it i would paint it back to white and he said it was much as he acts like he cares, he really doesn't care what i do to the house, and never has cared.
3. all the pictures are vintage metal signs...they say things like "fanny's rest stop. eat here and get gas" i love them!

I still need to finish the rest of the kitchen so i have a 50's retro theme going on. i wish i could lay down a new floor cause i would do black and white checker lynolium...maybe when we own our house.

gotta work tonight till midnight and then we are going to the battle of the bay game at pacbell tomorrow (thanks dad!)

in other news, i am golfing in a tournament next week called the Tin CUP. it is to raise money for starbucks CUP fund. Caring Unites Partners. it is a fund for starbucks partners in cause of emargancys' like a flood, family death etc. if you suddenly need money cause say your house burnt down, then the cup fund will give it to you. the cool thing about it is it is 100% for employess and 100% donated by employees. I give $1 each paycheck and so do most of my partners at the store. then we have big fundraising events like this for it too. I have had a few partners recieve $ from it over the years. great cause, and i am so happy to work for a company that thinks about things like this.

so, back to the golfing thing....i have never golfed. neither have the 3 girls on my team. it is best of ball so we play off of whatever drive is the best, but it will still be an ugly round. we are just going to raise money and have fun...not planning on winning. however, there is a best dressed contest so we are going for that one. i am on the hunt for classic golf know, knickers, argyle socks, hats with balls on the top...the works. i need to hit up the goodwill today. it will be fun. i'll share pics next week!
enjoy your weekend,

Thursday, June 7, 2007

i did it!

i finally painted my kitcken wall. i just did 1 large wall a teal blue the picture the color is way is a greenish blue aqua color in real life. i still can't find my digital camera for the life of my (i think it might be...gone!) so i carried my computer monitor into the kitchen so i could use my iphotobooth. like i said, the color is way off in the pic, but you get the idea....
once i find my camera...or get a new one...i will take some good pics of the entire kitchen once it's done and share them

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

beaglefest 2007

so i totally want to take lola to the norcal beaglefest is sausilito...but it is this saturday and i have tickets to the giants game vs. the a's.... "they" always say... "baseball before beagles"....yes...."they" say that!

look though...there are even contests... she would totally win for the first one!
Beaglefest Contests
Doesn't Come When Called
Best Arrrooo
Beagle / Dad Look-A-Like

neerdy as i may be....

i can't help it cause i totally love this song right now...
so bubblegum pop it makes me smile and dance!

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

break on thru.....

look...i broke thru this board karate style...

had a motivational speaker at a bucy's event today and we talked about breaking thru our barriers....and then we all broke thru boards.... they are actually pretty thick...but i didn't even feel it when i broke it....very cool and inspirational! great day!

eta--- i didn't break it over my was with my hand....hiiiii yaaaaaa.....
and by the way, i forgot to tell ya the funny thing....there is blood on my blood....and no it is not from breaking it...after i broke it i was banging it together to cheer someone else on when they broke their board...and i smashed my finger in between the two pieces....such a lamo!

Monday, June 4, 2007

looky looky

there here! my two new cool internet purchases....
first a classic kit cat clock

and this super cool pink retro payphone...

both are for the "soon-to-be-re-done" kitchen.

ron likes that clock but absoulutly hates the phone....oh's still going up!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

who wants a hamburger...

this video is too funny not to share....
plus, you'll never want a wendy's hamburger again
it was actually one of their training videos years ago....