Saturday, September 29, 2007

it might rain on monday!!!

and i am so excited at the thought of a gloomy day! the rain makes me soooo happy.
i made this tonight cause i am hoping the rain will come...
the word this week at OLW was perfect

most everything on here is Love, elsie minus a few things... the flower is from a sweater that i was getting rid of. i hated the sweater, but the flower was cool. glad i finally got to use it.

the letters are the chipboard one's from jack and abbey, but i didn't want them with the pattern they had on so i tore off the top layer and ta-da naked chipboard... plus you can save the top and use it later... like getting double the letters in one pack. (i love doing this!)

i took this pic last year on my old camera and can't wait for some rain this year so i can get some better shots with the rebel.


Friday, September 28, 2007

full circle!

well things came full circle this baseball season... my dad and i went to the first game of the season against the padres and on weds. night we went to the last game of the season for the Giants, against the padres again. unfor-
tunatly, they lost both games.... but both fun none the less.

Brenda was there too with her family, so they came over to our seats and took some pics... glad they did cause i didn't bring my camera.

It was a sad game cause it was Barry Bonds last game as a Giant. Everyone has Thanks Barry signs and there were highlight videos playing at the middle of every inning. So glad i went. until next baseball season......

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

i {heart} green

yup... i do!
this is for the scrapjacked site. we jacked the talanted Sarah Bowen. She totally rocks. i went monocramatic on this one. i so love this Jenny Bowlin paper.

Friday, September 21, 2007

so excited for this!

Across the Universe This movie looks amazing! Visually stunning and set to a beatles sound track.... can it get any better?
i love this trailer... hmm, i think i am gonna go tonight and see it....

and look at this imagery... yum!

ETA- went to see it with Angi tonight in pleasant hill and it was totally amazing! everyone applauded after... seriously... when does that ever happpen now a days??? must must see! oh and i just bought the soundtrack too! freaking awesome!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

dying to share!

i've been dying to share this exciting news. I was asked to be one of the guest designers in October for the red velvet kit club!!!! I am so excited! Plus, look at the two talanted scrappers who I am sharing the spots with... freaking amazing Rebecca Sower and one of my idols, Celine Navarro. So cool!

This is gonna be a kit you don't want to miss... packed with some love, elsie, basic grey, fabric and more. Come check it out. I'll be posting at the end of the month some of the things I create with this kit.

okay, off to work,

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


inspired to create this layout after talking to my aunt Karen. She was telling my about this Jimmy Buffett song and how my uncle Steve was going to play it at his birthday this year.... unfortunatly he never got that chance, so I put the lyrics on my page about my birthday as a shout out to him.

love this paper by jenni bowlin. the large diecut paper is actually cream on the inside, but i put a hambly overlay on top to brighten it up.

i promised Karen I would post this so she could see the final outcome. enjoy.
off to watch Big brother finale...

Monday, September 17, 2007

busy week!

sorry for no posts this past week. it was a busy one. we had jen's wedding on saturday and it turned out great. i got a lot of great pics of them... we'll share later this week....
this layout makes me smile. first because i finally got my hands on the Love, Elsie Lola Line via ebay and second cause Kacy and I always talk about about what we would do if we one the lottery....

what would you do? what would the very first thing be? not a bad scrapbook page promt...

the first thing i would do is rent out a huge vacation home in Fiji and fly everyone I knew out there for a week long party/celebration/vacation.... hey, it's nice to dream....

happy monday!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


what were you doing 6 years ago today? i was geting ready for school and had the weird feeling to turn on my tv to watch the morning news (seriously, we enver watch tv in the am, but i just felt this weird desire to watch the news) low and behold the tragidy unfolded.

not much to say today, just some time for reflection... oh and if you havn't already, watch the Nick Cage movie The Twin Towers.... really good... and a true story... well obviously a teru story but the actual characters are reall to IRL.
enjoy your day.

Monday, September 10, 2007

poor poor brittany....

i was so hoping for the ultimate brit-brit comeback last night when ms. spears opened for the VMAs... no such luck
she was tore up from the floor up, ya know!
i kept saying to my ron, why does this suck so bad (the entire show)
cause i remeber when it was the ultimate thing...
he said cause we are getting old
i said he was old, but i wasn't
a few minutes later i saw there was a special about a human calculator on tv

"dude, ronny, let's watch that instead...."
"OMG, we are old, we'de rather watch about the human calculator on discovery than the VMAs on MTV....."

so yeah, we turned it off pretty soon in...


guilty of being a terrible speller. it's who i am. a bad speller. there. it's out.

but isn't that green lined paper coolio... yup, another part of the sonora high collection.
and, a freaking scantron... totally forgot about these (and my weekly trips to the SSU bookstore to purchase them) until deb gave me one the other day... she totally knew i would love to rock it on a LO.
thanks girl.

Friday, September 7, 2007


i order my new posters last night from here
i got 7 of them and want to get all different frames and do them all over like a mosaic on the big wall in my living room. we got the five pictured in the below post and also these two. I also have an andy warhol picture (the marilyn monroe one) that is currently in my studio. we are gonna move that into the LR for over the tv as it fits in with the new pop theme. then i just need to get some fun and funky brightly colored accents for the rest of the room... yippee!

what do you all think about getting a collection of things like this to hang at all different lengths in one of the corners (remember we have high vaulted ceilings)
i can't wait till it's all done! will post pictures then....

Thursday, September 6, 2007

eye candy!

i've had this ad hanging in my at studio for a few days now and everytime i see it i feel so inspired... i freaking love it!
had to share... hope it inspires you too!
happy thursday.

eta- this isn't a poster, it is just a magazine add for juicy couture that i have hanging on my inspiration board

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

today is the day!

today's the last day for the
august jacks...
this is such a fun site to play along at.
each week they show you someone's LO and then everyone "jacks" the LO with their own interpretation.
So this last month there was 1 a week courtusey of the effer dare girls.
this last week there were 3 jacks.
It was a blast to participate in.
Thanks scrpajacked girls for all the fun.
here are all of my jacks

this one is one of my faves....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

this is the picture of a loser!!

oh my gosh... i'm so dumb! dude, look at the below mentioned site and tell me that doesn't look like $88.... brenda just called and said how much would you love me if i could get you those posters for less that $80.... when i insisted that she would be my BFF she said to press apple+ to enlarge the screen.... OMG... they are $9.99... i thought
"damn, those must be some gold plated posters for that price!"
but know the good news is new art for the LR coming atchya....
btw, ron swears i need glasses, i don't think so, it really does look like an 8..... right......

too much $$$

urghhh.... i have wanting to change up my living room and make it more "us" and just havn't seen the right things for it yet... until today... found these lovelies courtesy of elise. she discovered them here

too bad they are all eighty eight freaking dollars!!!! ughhhh, outta my budget... but at least now i have some inspo
here are the ones i would put up...

Sunday, September 2, 2007

a little LO to document my thoughts the other day....

well really these are my thoughts all the time, but i saw this pic the other day, posted it, and have wanted to scrap it since then....
taa daa!
this is my new sonora high kit from SIStv. that place is amazing... so positive and full of creativity. I have been hooked since i discovered it in july...
if you are a scrapper and havn't checked it out yet... DO! you don't have to pay anything and you don't have to order the kits if you don't want to.