Friday, April 13, 2007's friday the 13th.....

Beware of black cats and ladders.. haha... that new horror film Grind House is out so i think the hubby and i will go see it in honor of the date.... i found it ironic that i had a meeting with my boss today, but it went well...huh, maybe it is a lucky day for me! Might make another ugly doll today...we'll see...who knows, maybe the next one will look like you!
oh, check out this cool painting by the talented elsie flannigan ...brenda, show it Casey, she'll love it!

and because it wouldn't be a fun blog posting without a of Casey and i..... i love the goofy setting on my iphoto booth...we are dorks!

tgif, nikki

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Debbi said...

OMG! Do not come to my house ya big scray melt down