Saturday, October 13, 2007

RVA techniques

Here are how i did some of the fun techniques on my RVA layouts.... please comment if you have questions and i will totally help ya out!

A- this one is simple and so cool....
If you like the look of polaroid pics on LOs but don't have a poloroid camera or don't want to invest in one try what i did in the
Funky Finds LO.

#1: crop your pic into a square using your editing software of choice (phoshop etc) making the dimensions 3x3
#2: print on regular white photo paper
#3: when you cut out the pic, leave a 1/4 inch white boarder on the sides and top and a full inch boarder on the bottom

That easy... and it totally looks like a polaroid!

B- another easy one, but requires patients....
i love these little circles from the Jack and Abby circle quilt pp but i wanted them to have a bit more dimenssion, ya know?

#1 cut out the circles of your choice
#2 adhere to LO but only use a dab of adhesive in the center of the circle, be sure no adhesive is on the sides of the
#3 use glossy accents or diamond glaze to cover the top of each circle
#4 let dry completely overnight... try not to get eager like me and poke it all night (he he)

once it's dry the glossy accents gives it some sheen and dimension but also since you only have adhesive in the middle it causes the edges of them to curl up... super cute in the album, hard to see in a photo... but here's a close-up

C- i screamed when this one worked!
#1 pick any pp or fabric (i used the Japanese woodland characters fabric from the kit on Imagination...)
#2 color copy it onto a piece of transperancy paper (from the office supply store)
#3 let the ink dry about 30 minutes

you totally just made your own overlay... try it with paper, fabric, whatever...

So there ya have it, hope those sparked some ideas! have fun trying them and let me know if ya do cause i would love to see the LO and how you guys worked it out!
Happy Creating!


RachelDenbow said...

I love the overlay idea. I've never thought to copy fabric onto paper much less a transparency. That's brilliant!

RachelDenbow said...

Wasn't sure if you had a flickr account already but we've just started a Red Velvet Kit Club group to post LO's with kit club product if you do have one.
Enjoy your Sunday.


MsGrace said...

What fun stuff!!! Awesome!

Christina C. said...

so very cool and clever.

thanks for sharing.

luv2scrapmilestones said...

AMAZING techniques. Thanks for sharing some of your cool tricks! I will have to give them all a try.

Love your pages. They are all so creative and fun.