Monday, June 9, 2008

goodness gracious!

I have become a bad blogger... like for reals! I have been a bad blog reader too... i think my reader must have 1000 posts to catch up on. Sorry ladies, I will catch up soon. I think i got so outta the habit when I realized I was slipping I didn't know where to jump back in... so, I figured I would start with some recent creations.

this was obviously for the lovely Gigi. Can't wait to meet her IRL in two days!!!

this was for the current Scrapjacked. Check it out. This one was sponsered by SIStv so a bunch of us joined in the fun. I used to be a loyal jacker and then fell off that wagon so this was a great boost to start doing them again.

and this little baby is part of my new creative regimen. I am a pretty fast scrapper most of the time, but last week I didn't have much time at all but I totally wanted to create so I gave myself 15 minutes. It is so fun to create an LO that quickly cause you don't think at all, just go!

I am off to Tennessee on Weds for SISiversary and so this is pretty much all I have been thinking about. I can't wait to meet all the other SISters IRL. My list of to-do's is a mile long so I am off to finish a few projects I am taking with me... oh, and to make some goodie bags to share with the girls.

Love nikki

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Mandi said...

oooweee! :) see you there!