Saturday, September 20, 2008

viva mexico!

just a few of my favorite pics from mexico. it was truly a much needed, relaxing time. I love seeing my family and always miss them after trips like this. We always have a blast together (in between all the drama) and the wedding was a success too.

The view from our hotel

stools at a bar downtown

a stack of sombreros

some of the dia de los muertos skeletons that i was crazy about

my sister Kacy and I

our cousin Collette at the pool... she is the cutest and so much fun.

some wedding shots

ron and i at the wedding

thanks for checking them out.

I am leaving tonight for New York but will be back on monday.
till then.....


jayne said...

Ummmm, just where in NY were you leaving to?????

kim brimhall said...

love the wedding shots...and the one of you and your cute:)

Marie said...

Wonderful wonderful pics! Looks beautiful there!

Melissa said...

What wonderful pictures !!!!