Sunday, November 2, 2008

back from NOLA

I just got back from a week in New Orleans. It was a wonderful time and an awesome city. I loved the life and culture enriched into everything.... oh and the food.... oh the food.
here are a few quick pics. I am still getting settled back at home but I have a bunch of other pics I want to share and stories I want to tell. stay tuned.

oh, and i also wanted to call out this fun class that I am a part of over at SIStv.

Check it out, lots of awesome projects and some seriously talented ladies. So happy to be a part of it. You can still sign up here.

Here is a bit more info.
This online workshop is designed to help you stretch your dollar this holiday season! At the end of the thirty days, you should have over 30 holiday projects/gifts completed that cover every area of your holiday celebration! From a gorgeous catalog quality tree skirt, to an easy Christmas morning journal meant to ensure those special moments are recorded, to fantastic customizable Christmas cards. This is more than just a class, it’s a tool to give you a well organized, beautifully designed and ultra affordable holiday season.

We’re going to teach you how to take those scrapbooking supplies you already have and turn them into fabulous holiday gifts, d├ęcor and more! No more wracking your brain to come up with the perfect gift for that special teacher or those grandparents that always say “oh, we don’t need anything this year.” Instead, grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in for some crafting time that will result in your most stylish, most economical gift giving season yet! (Don’t worry, this is SIS stuff…these aren’t going to be cheesy, homemade craft projects using popsicle sticks and yarn. We saved those for the preschools out there.)

Each student will also receive a free all encompassing Holiday Season ’08 Planner, where you can keep everything you need for this holiday season and the 30 Days to a Handmade Holiday class together in one place. You’ll get a calendar, budget planner, gift lists, shopping lists for groceries and class supplies, family activity ideas and more! Everything you need to ensure that this class and your family’s holiday season runs smoothly, and stress-free, not to mention budget-friendly. We know that’s a biggie.


Christina C. said...

I love your photos. It sounds like you had a great time. I heard the leadership conference was pretty amazing in person.
How close were you to Bono? We only got to watch on video. Still amazing energy.

Anonymous said...

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