Saturday, November 10, 2007

channel your inner girlscout

it's cold and rainy here so i am off to build a fire

Crumple up eight pieces of newspaper, and set directly under grate.
Place four sticks of fatwood kindling (a resin-y pinewood sold at most hardware stores) on top of the newspaper.
Lay down three pieces of firewood in an H formation, and light paper in a couple spots. (If you can find it, try kiln-dried firewood. It has a nice appearance and an ultradry texture, which makes it burn amazingly well.
Let fire blaze a bit, then put in a few more logs, creating a boxlike configuration.
As the fire burns down, add logs in twos.
Pat yourself on the back. Fire-building isn't just for dudes!


Anonymous said...

Open the damper is the first rule for indoor fire building. Trust me on this, dahlin'

Brenda Smith said...

Lol, definitely open the damper, definitely!