Friday, November 9, 2007

sushi cupcakes and itunes, oh my!

it's been another busy week.... we just launched our holiday season at work so i have been busy putting out the red cups and brewing the
christmas blend.
but i did make a super cool purchase from elsie

pretty excited to frame it.... and cause i have gotten all of these things this week

i new resturant opened acroos the parkinglot from my store called Sushiholic and it is amazing... i have gotten it for lunch everyday this week, anf they make their rolls with whole grain rice if ya want and tey have a gigantic sized menu...yum!

plus i found the tea cake bake shop on tuesday in emeryville and they have the best cupcakes i have ever had.... we are going back tomorrow cause ron and i can't stop talking about how good they were

and i have been listening to tegan and sara non stop this week, i love all their songs

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