Monday, August 25, 2008

5 things for today

Happy monday.

1. Weren't the closing ceramonies AMAZING?
2. I am really considering going to London in 2012 for the next summer games. (by which i of course mean as a spectator... unless they make scrapbooking an olympic sport... and even then, I don't think i would make the team. smiles.)
3. I am sooooo ready for the fall.
4. I had the best dinner ever with Ron, my Grandma and my Dad. yummy steak!
5. There is a new collection releasing today at SIStv. The Urban Prep. I just love the colors in this one. lots of yummy green.
here's what I did with it so far.

and also some other recent creations.


emelyn said...

AWESOME layouts, Nikki!! Going to London would be great, 1 day I'd love to see the person!

cortney said...

hey--good stuff! we must get together soon. let's talk to set up a playdate. xxoo, cort

erin said...

fun stuff going on here, miss nikki!
that would be amazing to see the olympics in person someday!

Vee said...

love your layouts, have fun in Mexico! :)