Saturday, August 2, 2008

who doesn't love fair food?

The summer wouldn't be complete without a trip to the county fair... and we pretty much just go for the food... and it was goooood.

Ron actually took the camera from me and took some pictures which is totally rare. We make it a tradition to always stop by the photo booths for our annual strip of silly (usually ugly) pics... and this year it was especially ugly... really, it was bad.

And I wanted these glasses so bad but Ron said no way would he be seen with me if i wore them... i totally love 'em... so 80's... oh well.


kristina k said...

We went to the fair last night, too. :(
We must have missed each other. I would have known your red hair from a mile away....:)
Let's plan a date with Cortney and KL soon.....

staceyfike said...

you totally shoulda bought the glasses!!
call me whenever you're not working this weekend.

Marie said...

Mmmmmm fair food is bomb!!!!!!!! I love that pic of you in the photo booth! If i see those glasses im gonna buy u and me a pair and we can wear them together! Hehehehehe!

Michelle said...

Sorry your photo strip didn't turn out well. I adore those sun glasses too. Love the pictures!