Friday, September 7, 2007


i order my new posters last night from here
i got 7 of them and want to get all different frames and do them all over like a mosaic on the big wall in my living room. we got the five pictured in the below post and also these two. I also have an andy warhol picture (the marilyn monroe one) that is currently in my studio. we are gonna move that into the LR for over the tv as it fits in with the new pop theme. then i just need to get some fun and funky brightly colored accents for the rest of the room... yippee!

what do you all think about getting a collection of things like this to hang at all different lengths in one of the corners (remember we have high vaulted ceilings)
i can't wait till it's all done! will post pictures then....


Anonymous said...

Love the posters Nikki. Good idea to move the Marily pic into your living room. I like the globes too. I think I saw a bunch of those at either Lowes or Michaels. You'll need to get your Grannie to make you some brighter pillows or something to go along that theme for the couches. Maybe put your husband in a brighter shirt too :>)

Debbi said...

LOVE the idea of all the differnt colorful lamps. Like in Big Brother. Totally LOVE it. Do it.

MsGrace said...

super cool....I liket he ides of the lamps. Fun stuff.


Jaime said...

Haven't seen your house but i love the hangy things so i vote yes!