Saturday, September 29, 2007

it might rain on monday!!!

and i am so excited at the thought of a gloomy day! the rain makes me soooo happy.
i made this tonight cause i am hoping the rain will come...
the word this week at OLW was perfect

most everything on here is Love, elsie minus a few things... the flower is from a sweater that i was getting rid of. i hated the sweater, but the flower was cool. glad i finally got to use it.

the letters are the chipboard one's from jack and abbey, but i didn't want them with the pattern they had on so i tore off the top layer and ta-da naked chipboard... plus you can save the top and use it later... like getting double the letters in one pack. (i love doing this!)

i took this pic last year on my old camera and can't wait for some rain this year so i can get some better shots with the rebel.



Jaime said...

I love rain too, so I am totally with you on this one.

Debbi said...

it rained but in the middle of the night darn it.

Night Witch said...

Rain sucks. Move up to Washington State if you like it so much. You can be closer to that Coffee Guru you work for.

Brigitte said...

yes !! rain !! we all need rain !! (even us in Australia !!)
Just discovered your blog through Scrapscene, totally love your work and this LO is ...FAN-TAS-TIC !!!
wILL come back for sure !! and well done on your GDT with REd Velvet !!