Saturday, April 12, 2008

from a child's perspective

life can be a lot more interesting thru the lens of a kid.

Today Kerry and I met for coffee downtown with her wonderful kiddos and introduced them both to the wonderful world of photography. All of these pics are created to Maddy and Ben. They both had a blast lugging the big ol' camera around their necks and shooting away. I love the results. They were also quite intrigued by the magic of Polaroids.

The weather here today was AMAZING! hottest day so far but quite comfortable in the low 80's. To bad I was at work till midnight, but it was an awesome day.

happy weekend!


Vee said...

they took some great photos, i love giving the camera to my oldest too! :)

Vee said...
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lisa garay said...

i just wanted to say that you are holding MY boyfriend.
benny liked me first.
so there.