Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coffee Giveaway!

okay, so here's the deal...
i've talked a few times about the joy of performing random acts of kindness.... i live for doing things like this... makes me feel so good. on monday i recieved a package... thinking it was my ebay order of scrapbooking goods i ripped into the box like a madwoman... what? a cast iron skillet? i didn't order this! looking at the invoice i see it reads
"to diane, happy birthday, love mom and dad"
omg... this poor girl is not gonna get her birthday present!
thnakfully the sender's address was on the invoice and he lived in Novato, CA, the town where i work
call 411 and get his #
my phone call with him went like this
nikki- Hello, Michael?
Michael- yes this is michael
n- hi, i live in rohnert park and recieved a package for yuor daughter's birthday present... the cast iron skillet....
m- yes?????
n- so i have been wanting to get a cast iron skillet for a few years so i just wanted to say thankyou... i love it!
n- just kidding... how would you like me to get it back to you?
m- um, i guess i could drive and pick it up
n- well isee you live in novato, i work there so i can just swing it by your house
m- oh my icouldn't ask you to do that
n- no big deal, i'm there everyday for work. consider it done!

so i dropped it by his houe yesterday and he thanked me with a wonderful bottle of wine (drank it last night and i am a bit hung over.... but it was good wine!)

so here's the purpose of my post.... i want to see what random act of kindness you are gonna do today. it could be something small like or big.... just try to make a difference in someone's day...
afterwards leave a comment describing your RAK here on my blog. I will draw a winner on Friday who will recieve a starbucks goodie bag... yum! coffee!
check back on friday to see who won!


Krys said...

I dont know if this will work but Yesterday I got back from being at home in NM and My boss love NM chilie so I had bought her some and gave it to her yesterday!

Krys said...

P.S. I forgot to comment on the SB photo...I love the 1st SB in Seattle! And what a good photo of it!

MadameCupcake said...

what a cool story! something similar happened to me a few years back. i was with the guy i was dating at the time, we were headed to the movies and saw a wallet on the ground. obviously i picked it up and searched for a way to get a hold of this person. lo and behold there was a business card! (there was also about 300 bucks cash which that douche bag ex wanted to take!! yeah didnt take long to dump him!) so i called her, got the voicemail, told her we had the wallet and wanted to get it back to her. she didn't even call back until the next day, and being that i was home, she came over to pick it up, with a bottle of wine to give me! lol i was only 19 at the time, but she didn't know that :) it was actually a good feeling to be able to ease someone's worry like that. :) i don't expect to be entered for your drawing, seeing as this was a few years ago, but i thought i'd share my story :) yay for good samaritans!!

PROLIX said...


yesterday DH was seriously sick and were searching for a doctor in town.
we payed and took a ticket for a car place, but doctors weren't availables, so we had to go to emergencies as DH was not well at all.
I gave the car place ticket to an old woman who just arrived, before we left.
she was very surprised, made me a big smile and said "merci mademoiselle"!!!

I make & give to eat to my handicaped granny all year long when mummy isn't at home for doing it.

bonne journée!!!

{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}

Dragon Flaire DT Member

Kelly S. said...

ok so my rak wont be till tomm, but here goes,
My neighbor just had a baby, so I plan on grilling some chicken and steak, along with salad, vegatables, mashed potatoes and desert. It really isn't too big of a deal bc I have to cook anyone, so why not make extra a bring it over!

Deanna Thompson said...

well, you my dear, are a sweetie!
I think it's great what you did with the cast iron skillet! Very cool!
My RAK today is actually still going on. I offered to send some love, Elsie to anyone not near a Hobby Lobby over at SIS. I am still waiting word on who wants what!
It's so awesome that you believe this, I am very impressed!!

Robin said...

My girlfriend has a DD my DD's age..she is a first time mom without all the stuff I have I gave her one of my back packs (to carry her daughter on her back) to take on her trip to Montana...I don't need it right now...and with 3 kids now, I have back-up

Jeff said...

I don't know if this counts, but yesterday I tagged you for a meme that gave you free publicity on my blog. But, alas, you ignored it. ;) That's okay. Have a great day and I still like your blog!

Jeff, from Psychosomatic Wit.

mellymel said...

i anonymously sent a vera bradley scarf to a woman at church who is losing her hair to chemo. the wool hat she had on last Sunday just looked too warm.
i love doing stuff like that when i can. this is a cool idea for a RAK.

KittyF said...

nothing earth shattering -
nothing amazing -
I did bring a smile to some faces today and I did it with purpose.
at the end
of each day, I always ask
myself - what did I do for someone else that made a difference?

This is why I like to read the obituaries - it's not because I'm quirky (although I am), it because I want to know that someone's life mattered.

Allison said...

well, today at work a lady was looking for some vacation bible school decorations. we don't stock vbs anymore, so i made some phone calls and was able to order everything that she needed. it didn't really seem like a big deal to me, but she just kept thanking me and telling me how much i had made her day.

it was nice to be appreciated and know that i was able to help somebody that much.

Angela said...

While DH and were in Wal-Mart this evening, I noticed a woman struggling with her toddler. He screamed and tantrumed all thru the store. You could tell the poor thing was embarrassed and exhausted. As we were loading our groceries into the car, here she came, screaming toddler in tow...she was parked right next to us. She started to try to unload her things and her son tried jumping from the cart...she grabbed him up and began crying as she worked on putting him into his car seat. I walked right over and said,"It looks like to need another set of hands," and began loading her groceries into her van. She thanked me over and over again and I felt good helping a woman whose position I've been in so many times.

Sherry said...

I was in line at the cutting table at Joanns, We were #75 and they were on 64. A lady gave us her 66 and while we were at the table near the end of our cutting, another lady had #82... we gave her our #75 so she didn't have to wait as long either.

Josh said...

Ok goes....
RAK....was that me and my wife 2 weeks ago went to Puerto Rico on a mission trip to help fix a facility at a church we used our vacation for this! It was actually the most awesome experience! We really can't wait to go back!

Also....this post in a sense is a wife loves starbucks.....she only gets to go once a week though...we are kind of on a tight budget.....b/c I am in the process of going back to school and finishing my degree....I would love to be able to suprise her with this....even something this little would make her day!

Everyone have a great day!
Dios te bendiga

kacy g. said...

Probably wont compare to all the others here, everyone seems like such great people. but today on my walk with cowboy we picked up a pile of poop that was right on the sidewalk and was not even ours (or his actually since I dont partake to pooping on sidewalk). Anyway it was in front of this old lady's house and I felt bad because nobody wants to come home to a steaming pile right in their walkway, and no elderly woman should have to stoop down to clean it up. I dont blame the pooper though because CB has tricked me twice this week on walks by "going" 2x when I only had one bag. Ohwell, Sh*t happens! :)