Saturday, July 7, 2007

i don't wanna go...

back to work that is.... i have day the past 3 days off and it has been amazing... 3 days off is the only way to go. i did so much and had a really good time. yestersay my wonderful husband cleaned the garage and the yard all day and never nagged me once while i was inside being lazy. i did clean my scrapbook room and create 3 pages..that's productive....
he worked all day and then made me a hotdog for lunch and then took all my junk to the goodwill.... so i took him out to dinner last night. here is a LO i did of my little nephew a few weeks ago... kacy keeps nagging me to post it cause she wants a looksy.
also, these are my favorite shoes right now...can't beat $12 at Target!
enjoy your weekend. stop by for a frappuccino if you want to see me!



Ah...sounds like it was very nice to get a chance to relax and play with your scrapping goodies! Your hubby deserved that nice dinner!
way to go!

mellymel said...

i would gladly stop by and see you at my fave coffee shop except i live in md.

i love lazy days!!

Your SIS,

Debbi said... remind me of do great pics. Stop by and see me later if you can.

Tracie H said...

OMGoodness....I lurve those shoes!
Your LO is stunning too.

Erin said...

i love those shoes!
i do of course, have a small obsession with red shoes!

Jaime said...

I LOVE the Elsie-sparkler picture. It's so cool. Makes me wanna try again.

And maybe not a frappuccino, but an iced chai sounds nice.

Brenda Smith said...

Cute Cowboy! Love that floppy earred dog! Great page Nik!