Friday, July 6, 2007

day 2 of 3 day weekend!

i convinced brenda to call in sick to work yesterday so we could spend the day it a mental health day! it has been H-O-T here in california so that was the only downer... we scrapped all afternoon and then went out to dinner with her daughter brandi and debbi. brandi and i then went to see knocked up with ron. brandi works at the movie theatre so she get free movies for herself and 3 guests whenever she wants. it was a laugh your @$$ off kinda film...but a little too long.
here is one of the pages i did yesterday.... it's for the scrapjacked blog....


Debbi said...

super cute. Love it.

staceyfike said...

that's a cute picture and an awesome jack!!
so glad you played along with us!!

kacy g. said...

cute page.we too went to the movies last night but we saw transformers. i'd give it a solid A. i was surprised since i'm not really into action flicks. the special effects and cars were way cool. the storyline and acting was good too, my only complaint was that the camera moved really fast and there was A LOT of action so it got kind of intense but good nonetheless.