Wednesday, March 12, 2008

he's official!

today Ron was sworn in and officially made a juvenile councilor. (he is a CO at juvenile hall) He was also given his badge. We went down to the hall for the ceremony today. I am so proud of him. This is the job he has been wanting for years and to finally see him doing it makes me so happy. I am so glad he found his passion.

I took him and his buddy Doug out to lunch at the best steakhouse ever afterwards and then they both went to the uniforme shop to get wallets that fit the badge.

Congrats Ronny!


lisa garay said...

i am so happy i can comment on your blog, now!
i might just comment like 10 times.
& congrats to your sweetie!

does he get handcuffs?
they might come in handy.

kerry lynn said...

pffftttt...typical lisa post ^^

dude. congrats ron!!
and are you trying to tell me something? bc you most favoritest of favorite fgirls is not on that list >>>

what's up with that??!?