Saturday, March 15, 2008

you're it!

So I was tagged by the sweet suzy west

here’s the info:

Here are the rules…

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random pieces of me-

1. i was a competitive gymnast till i was in my teens (and yes, i can still do some flips!)

2. i am the queen of picking out the perfect card for people and i love buying cards, i then write them out and NEVER send them. seriously. today i just mailed my college roommate her cards from her 25th and 26th birthday and she turned 27 last month.

3. i can't spell to save my life. hmm, i think thought that i spelled everything right there.

4. i have my own scraproom, but i almost always scrap at the coffee table, so i guess it is really just a scrap storage room.

5. i am a certified skydiver and have jumped outta many planes.

6. i love the rain and cold and really can't stand the heat... not sure why i live in california...

7. i have had the same job since i was 16. i have worked at many other places concurrently, but at the bucks since i was 16. 10 freakin years!

so i am tagging 1. my sister since she never blogs anymore, and 2. debbi for the same reason oh and 3. brenda too. maybe you this will give you 3 a reason to update those blogs.

also some loyal blog readers of mine
4. marie who has some rockin mojo
5. laura aka ms.grace
6. jamie my old barista
7. vee my fellow polkadot girl

okay, if you hate being tagged then sorry, deal with it. just kidding.


Vee said...

wow, you have been at the bucks for a long time!! super cool! i just did this tag but for you my dear i will do it again soon :)

MsGrace said...

so all the random facts about you. I am off to do mine.