Saturday, March 29, 2008

new additions

to my kitchen!

i have been collecting some teal and green dishes for a year now and yesterday i got a huge lot to finish it off... well, i don't know if it is finished, but getting there.

Then i had these cobalt blue canisters and they just didn't go with the scheme. So I spray painted them blue and added some tags to label the contents. I love they way they turned out. My kitchen has a vintage 50's theme going on so I think the final piece for this hutch will be an old tin bread canister, if I ever find one that fits...

I keep staring at my collection every time I go into the kitchen. hehe!
happy Saturday, we are off to a 30th birthday party tonight for a friend.


angel said...

oh your kitchen looks yummy!!!

Charin said...

It looks so good! :) Total cuteness.

CandiMandi said...

Your kitchen looks like it's a part of a boutique or something! Sooo lovely.

Glee-scrap said...

Cute, Nikki!
Good luck on collecting your matching tin bread-box...I'll keep my eye out for you!

Debbi said... turned out super fab fantastic. I love it. I am glad you did the EAT. It would not have been quit right had you left it red. UMMMmmmmm.......PS..........I need you to come over one night this week to teach me how to use a MAC......PLEASE

Holly Croteau said...

Lovely!! Our kitchens match!!!! I think you are my sister from another mother. Love love love this. <3 ya!