Saturday, March 1, 2008

and the winner is....

Staci Jo!
congrats girl, email me your addy so i can get the goddies off in the mail.

You can thank my wonderful hubby for picking your number. Although he really didn't get why he was doing it...

me: pick a number 1-28
ron: why
me: just pick one
ron: is this a trick?
me: no trick, i am giving away a prize on my blog and you are picking the winner
ron: why are you giving stuff away, what are we made of money?
me: why, yes, i do think that, now pick a number...

so congrats StaciJo. Thanks to all for stopping by, wishing me congrats and giving some love out there to other scrappers.

have a great weekend!


Glee-scrap said...

Congrats on the win, StaciJo!
Maybe you are "Green, like money", Nikki, but your DH is not....

Marie said...

hahahahahaha! Just like a man! Mine would say the same thing lol! Congrats Stacijo!