Wednesday, February 27, 2008

check it out!

What the freak? How cool is this? I made the design team over at Scrap in Style TV . I'm one of the new fashionistas.
I honestly feel so excited, lucky, honored and on and on. I am so full of emotions this week. I have loved SIS since the first day i stummbled on it through elise's blog. It is such a positive, inspiring and supportive community for scrapbookers and I only hope I can do my title justice. And wow, did you see the talent in the other girls who made it too! Seriously!

Congrats to all my new Fgirls, awesome job to all who tried out. The talent pool was intense. Still pretty surprised i squeeked in. Can't wait to see what this year brings.

So, with that said,
I think we should do a little RAK to celebrate! I was thinking i should do this all week, and then i saw amber's blog and so she convinced me, time to give stuff away!

And it is gonna be pretty cool.

How does 1 roll of the coveted SIStv houndstooth gaffer tape sound? Oh, and maybe a piece of my favorite SIStv paper, the KC Label Love Chloe paper.... you know the one that is green woodgrain. hot hot hot! Plus i will also through in some other yummy goodies just for good measure.

Okay, have I got your attention? So, all I want you to do is pass the love. Go find someone elses layout somewhere and show them some love. tell them what you like about the LO. you can do this through SIS if you are a member (if you aren't a member, crawl out from under that rock and come join in the fun, jk) or otherwise find one on someone's blog or website.

Then, leave me a comment with your name and also link up the LO you gave some love to.

I'll pick a winner on Saturday.


StarrAltered said...

hey there nikki!!! i just wanted to stop in say 'Congrats' i'm totally excited for you!!! you are gonna be a rockin' fashionista! :)

Christa said...

Congrats! That is such an honor! Your stuff rocks, so you totally deserve this! I left some love at SIS, here is one of them:

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the Fashionista! =) I knew you would make it! I can't wait to see your class sample for Picture me Perfect. Here's love on the SIS site.


BlessedDaily! said...

hey nikki!
huge congrats! it is so awesome you being a fashionista... you are so deserving of the title.

here's a LO that i commented on:

scrapcat said...

congrats nikki!!!

ajadarak said...

seriously you rock!

soooo happy for you!

Jaime said...

Congrats Nikki! I am so happy for you.

I gave a little luv to this layout:

I think you will like it too!



Bekka said...

Congrats on being a Fashionista! I left some love for this layout:

claudine hellmuth said...

super congrats on making the SIS team!!!!

Lori said...

Congrats on being a Fashionista!!! I'm so excited for you!!

Here is a lo that I love:

Mike & Brianna said...

Congrats on making the Fashionista team! How exciting! Can't wait to see more of your work!

Here's one that I love, so colorful!

Misty said...

Congrats on becoming a F-girl! I left some love here -
I LUB what she did with the black, white, and teal glimmer mist.

Stephanie Baxter said...

When I went on the SIS gallery, I couldn't leave lub for just one LO, so here's a few FAB creations:

Such inspiration! Have a fab weekend. And HUGE congrats on becoming a Fashionista!


Rianne said...

First things first: Congrats.
Glad with you new fashionistas.
About the comments: I LUB.... to give comments. If I had more time I would give comment on every single lo from every single SIS. Well I try anyway.
Gave some comment on this special lo from a special SIS:

SIS Rianne

melissa o. said...

How will you ever get used to being called FASHIONISTA!!!??? WOW. How wonderful for you! Congrats! Can't wait to see all of what you will bring to SIS!

Maria (Yarasavich on SIS) said...

Congrats to you for becoming a new Fashionista.... YAY.......

I would love some of that houndstooth tape -
I left some lub for this layout.
I thought it was fun - fun - fun
(and clean too......)


ilovecupcakes said...

Congrats!!! Thanks for the chance at some yummy candy!

Here's the URL of the LO I loved a whole bunch!

celine navarro said...

congrats my dear! I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better! :)

jenjock1 said...

Hi Nikki! Just want to say HI and congrats, can't wait to get to know you better! XOXO!
Jen Jockisch

Glee-scrap said...

Wow, Nikki-Congratulations!
You are so cutting edge/hip/cool that I'm not surprised you have been invited into the Fashionista world at all-I LOVE your style...I'll never forget you sewing stips of solid colored fabric onto your layout to make a funky-FUN rainbow at the Scrappery retreat, and thinking to myself, "this Girl has fresh ideas and spunk to go along with her talent".
Well, I did "come out from under a rock" last night and joined SISTV! It was so fun looking around, but I hate to admit that I am a computer "retard", and don't know how to "link"! I've left "love" for layouts on blogs before, so I hope you count me for the eye-candy...some great stuff!
Erin : )

Glee-scrap said...

P.S.- Exuse me, but did you notice Claudine Hellmuth and Celine Navarro left comments? WhoOOooHooOOoo!

Brenda Smith said...

I'm not done checking out layouts, but wanted to post to see if that Saturday pick was at a certain time? Hopefully it'll be like midnight Pacific time, cause I keep getting interrupted!

Sunnymommie said...

congrats Nikki!!!

I left love comment to

Katey :D

Lisa said...

wow big time congrats on making it!! woohoo!!

girl, i'm a comment whore...i didn't make favorite sister by doin nothin! lol! but here's my recent comment hehehe

Anonymous said...

I love your blog..can't wait to spend some more time here! digging your trip to cool is that. So would love to win you RAK...

here's the layout that i left some luv on

Congrats on being a new Fashionista!!

Staci Taylor

Linda said...

So happy for you Nikki! You'll make an Awesome Fashionista! Congratulations! Linda

Linda said...
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PetiteCheri said...

Hey Nikki! Congrats on becoming a Fashionista! Here is a link to a SIS layout that I loved.