Friday, June 8, 2007


to answer some questions....
1. the phone in the kitchen works. it even takes coins, but you don't have to pay to use it. the coins go into a bank and there is a key to open it and get them out...just like a real payphone.
2. Ron says our kitchen looks like we are at chevy's or applebees, but itold him if he hated it i would paint it back to white and he said it was much as he acts like he cares, he really doesn't care what i do to the house, and never has cared.
3. all the pictures are vintage metal signs...they say things like "fanny's rest stop. eat here and get gas" i love them!

I still need to finish the rest of the kitchen so i have a 50's retro theme going on. i wish i could lay down a new floor cause i would do black and white checker lynolium...maybe when we own our house.

gotta work tonight till midnight and then we are going to the battle of the bay game at pacbell tomorrow (thanks dad!)

in other news, i am golfing in a tournament next week called the Tin CUP. it is to raise money for starbucks CUP fund. Caring Unites Partners. it is a fund for starbucks partners in cause of emargancys' like a flood, family death etc. if you suddenly need money cause say your house burnt down, then the cup fund will give it to you. the cool thing about it is it is 100% for employess and 100% donated by employees. I give $1 each paycheck and so do most of my partners at the store. then we have big fundraising events like this for it too. I have had a few partners recieve $ from it over the years. great cause, and i am so happy to work for a company that thinks about things like this.

so, back to the golfing thing....i have never golfed. neither have the 3 girls on my team. it is best of ball so we play off of whatever drive is the best, but it will still be an ugly round. we are just going to raise money and have fun...not planning on winning. however, there is a best dressed contest so we are going for that one. i am on the hunt for classic golf know, knickers, argyle socks, hats with balls on the top...the works. i need to hit up the goodwill today. it will be fun. i'll share pics next week!
enjoy your weekend,

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Brenda Smith said...

Best ball? You might practice yelling FORE so not to injure fellow golfers! Have a great time! Who knows, maybe you have natural talent (LOL)