Tuesday, June 19, 2007

random tues

okay...so i forgot that the battery needs to charge... so i am participating in cheryl's random tuesday game:
you have to answer with three answers...


Things I fear: water where i can't see the bottom, losing my dogs, clowns!

People who make me laugh: my sister, my husband, and joey from friends!
Things I love: traveling, coffee, family!

Things I hate: fish sticks, 115 degree summers, MASH (the tv show)

Things I don't understand: mean customers! it's just coffee people!

Things on my desk:a half drinken iced venti unsweetened black tea, chapstick, a jar of skippy peanut butter.... (i like to eat it with a spoon)

Things I'm doing right now:waiting for the battery of my new camera to charge, watching jeopordy, delaying the fact that i should go to bed

Things I want to do before I die: travel, have kids, buy a house!

Shows I watched as a kid: rainbow bright, you cna't do that on television, saved by the bell!

Things I think you should listen to: ingrid michaelson... her album rocks the house, 80's music, knbr sports radio

Things you should NEVER listen to: the association, mean people and negative peeps!

Things I'd like to learn: to play golf, about my grandma's childhood, to take killer photos!

Favorite foods: shrimp, homemade tacos, teriyaki chicken burgers!

Things I can't do: sit still, talk less, be without a cell phone

Things I can do: a back flip, skydive, make a mean cappuccion!


Debbi said...

OMG......I am afraid of water I can't see the bottom either. I am always afraid some living plant will wrap around my ankles and drag me down to die....

Cheryl Wray said...

Love your answers!!! Thanks for playing!!
I also am SO afraid of clowns (I should've mentioned that one!!), and I also love sports radio. I listen to it whenever I'm in the car (or when the kids let me do it these days, since they're always with me! lol)
and "Saved by the Bell"..that brings back some memories!

kacy g. said...

ok you totally are scared of water where you cant see the bottom. i'm laughing as i think of that time in the russian river and your out in the middle screaming b/c me and mom wouldnt let you on the raft. lololol.
additinally i too hate fish sticks. i cant believe i ate those as a kid...well until i learned it was actually fish. and MASH, ugh. it would always be on nick at night nd we'd be soo bored!
and lastly, regarding the comment about not listening to the association...lol. "Wiiiinnnndddy, oh yea, Winnnndyyyyy" :-]

Anonymous said...

Ok, I have had it with you two!!! Windy is good music and the Association was hot. Lets see how your favorite singers turn out in 30 years. And, how can you possibly settle on just three tv shows you watched as a kid - there were about a million that you were forever glued to.

How about "Dorkiest halloween costumes I ever wore. Robot made out of a paper bag because my parents were poor. Pink Care Bear with the Gigantic Head that dorky friends mother made because my mom could not sew. M&M cardboard sandwich with leggings on because my parents were to cheap to buy me something better.