Wednesday, June 6, 2007

beaglefest 2007

so i totally want to take lola to the norcal beaglefest is sausilito...but it is this saturday and i have tickets to the giants game vs. the a's.... "they" always say... "baseball before beagles"....yes...."they" say that!

look though...there are even contests... she would totally win for the first one!
Beaglefest Contests
Doesn't Come When Called
Best Arrrooo
Beagle / Dad Look-A-Like


kacy g. said...

I can't believe you call me at work to discuss beaglefests...i mean if it were a bassetfest then i could understand but beaglefests...c'mon. :) j/k
no but in response to your comment, i'm not a nerd - you're just mad b/c toby is the love ya!

Brenda Smith said...

I think she'd and Cowboy should enter the arrooooing contest as partners!

Debbi said...

LMAO thinking about painting Rons head to match lola's too flipin funny