Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Four Play

okay, here are my favorite four songs for the week.... i hope you likey!
this one makes me want to dance. plus i love the retro feel!

this one i discovered on mtv last night and i love it... total bubblegum plus, my lipgloss IS poppin!

okay and these guys are coming to the fair this year and i soooo want to go, just gotta convince ron that is will be a worth wild concert

and i am crazy about her... the new album rocks!



kacy g. said...

You're dumb. 1. It was on sports mode and 2. i like how its blurry, it shows that he's in motion and 3. he likes it that way too cuz he looks so fast. so again, you're dumb.

we do love the collar though...GO GIANTS!!!!!

Debbi said...

HEY!!!!Did you know I was in that first video. Yep, that was me on the barstools 2nd from the middle on the right. I was hot then HUH?