Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yesterday was a good day.

Bought the new jack johnson cd.

Ate a yummy cupcake from Starbucks.

Got to see a lot of favorite customers who I hadn't seen in 3 weeks... and one who i hadn't seen in 3 years... love my customers... (most of them at least)

Finally filled up my home decor idea book.

Today will be a good day too.

Saw the yummy Hambly sneek peeks

The ants in my kitchen have not returned in 2 days... i think i have won the battle... the war however might not be over.

Gonna take my overlooked photos today before work so i can get all caught up with this project.

Here's hoping your day is good too!


Helis mixed media said...

Hiya Nikki,

I work for a community collage and im planning new courses for spring08 and one of them is scrapbooking course and now i have found a scrapbooking teacher! im so excited! so my question is could i use some of your scrapbook layouts for the flyers im going to make to promote this course. [Our collage is non profit organization]. I doubt many people still know about this wonderful hobby here in finland and your variety of layout would help me to show what this is all about. Please email me and lmk what you think :)


Roo said...

I like the look of your home decore idea book - cool idea.

Debbi said...

Glad you had a good first day back at work. I know you did not want to go. Go check out what I got for my new living room. It's on my blog and I am so super excited about it. Oh, and when did Starbucks get cupcakes? Gotta check those baby's out........

Vee said...

i LOVE the new hambly, can't wait to see and buy it all. glad you had a wonderful day too! :)

Nat said...

That is a lot of eyecandy on your blog! Love it! Congrats on making hte second round!