Friday, February 8, 2008

finally a home

for this baby. I got this dessert holder a week ago not knowing quite where it was going to go or what i would use it for. I thought maybe for my studio and then decided it fit much better in the bathroom.

The husband is still away on business so i am taking advantage and doing some projects around the house that have been on my mind. I miss him lots, happy cause he comes home today for the weekend.



Debee Campos said...

Hey Nikki! Happy Friday to you too! Super fun stuff in your gallery and inspiring stuff here too. You rock girl! Good luck in this next round and have a fun weekend!!!
-Debee Campos

Vee said...

your jewelry looks awesome in it, i saw someone else had this in blogland. may have to pick me one up
tgif! ;)

Je said...

Such a good idea, there's one dessert holder just lying here, I could use it like that!
Lovin the colorful headbands.

StarrAltered said...

ugh! that is brilliant... i'm gonna have to find one of my own!

Debbi said...

Brilliant is right. so super cute. I bet a certain someone is going to do this same thing to her bathroom soon.

Kendra said...

Oh how I adore this!!!

Marie said...

What a wonderful idea!