Saturday, February 9, 2008

love is in the air

while i realize Valentines Day is just a halmark holiday i simply don't care... i love this month. I love the pink and red displays at all the little shoppes. I love spending hours in the card section of Target. I love filling little bowls of candy all over my house. This year we had the pink Christmas tree, so i thought it only fitting to keep it up and do a Valentines Tree. Brenda found me a pack of vintage inspired Valentines and from there i became obsessed. I found a few more at Timeless Treasures on Thursday and then yesterday I hit the motherload.

Seriously i am so obsessed with these little guys. I was at an antique store in Petaluma and found hundreds of actual vintage ones. Some have little notes on the back to the original recipeint. Some have dates, the earliest being 1943. Plus the little puns on each of them just crack me up. I am really temped to go back and buy the rest at the antique store today.

So now we are already to have a Pun-derfol Valentines Day with our festive decorations.


Debbi said...

So freakin cute I just can't stand it. I wanna grow up to be just like you. Your just so ya

Vee said...

gorgeous, love it and so so cute!! hello valentine's candy corn, yum-stuff is like crack seriously!! ;)

kacy g. said...

very lovey! i lovey it!