Wednesday, February 20, 2008

some people have scrap rooms, i have a scrap house, kinda.

As much as i miss my husband (he has been outta town mon-fri for the past 4 weeks for work) the one thing i love about being by myself is the ability to scrapbook in any room of the house. seriously. right now i have stuff on the bedroom floor, my newly delivered PDW kit on the kitchen table, my studio is of course covered and until last night so was the coffee table. The hubs isn't here to get annoyed by the mini messes of creative garb and i can move to a new room based on the winds of inspiration.

Here is one the recent results of my newly converted Scrap House. Unfortunately, said mentioned scrap house will soon return to regular house on Friday, fortunately my lovely husband will be home for 2 days.

Working super early shifts the next two days so i am hoping to play with my new kit for a bit, watch American Idol and Big Brother and head to bed early.



Danielle said...

love, love love this layout-so cool! I haven't visited your site in awhile, glad I stopped by!
tootles, danielle

Anonymous said...

I sure hope said mentioned scraphouse turns back into regular house in time. Glad to know that you are lost without me.

From you know who?

Vee said...

love your page!! you got the pdw kit, mine will be here today, can't wait to play!! :)

Marie said...

Love it! How fun to have a scrap house for 5 days outta the week! Idol and big brother are really good! I voted for david the other night. I never vote but that guy is great! Love the irish chick (again with the accent lol!)

Lisa said...

I like your page! Very sweet :) I like the color combinations and the little extras the most. Very cool.