Sunday, January 27, 2008

**edited to add pics

back in bangkok.

i don't think i gave this city a real chance. we are now in a great neighborhood that is known for all the backpackers, right near Khao San Road. Our hotel even provides a free tuk tuk ride over to Khao San.

mom and i spent the evening exploring this colorful and vibrant part of town. The street was lined with food vendors, shopping stalls and little bars right in the middle of the road with plastic stools for chairs. They served drinks in "buckets" that resembled plastic sand pails.

the food was much more unique than we have seen so far. Bugs, dried jellyfish, little bitty fried eggs, eggs on sticks, fruit, kabobs and the usual pad thai and spring rolls. we enjoyed strolling from cart to cart and trying a new treat. Even the bugs. Mom was handing them out to other tourists and they all snacked on them together... and a bag of bugs for 20 baht... well that's a deal!

The shopping was a bit different than we had seen so far. Some was the same old stuff but lots of modern stuff too. Tons of knockoff clothing and cute tees. I haven't bought a lot for myself until tonight. I scored 4 shirts for a total of $12, a cute wallet with a camera on it, and i even got a pair of fun pants. Mom bought them for herself but they didn't fit so she gave them to me. I love them.

We took lots of pictures, found the nearby Starbucks (of course) prowled through the maze of people and had a great evening. Now i wish we had a little more time in Bangkok cause we are near so much at our new hotel.

Okay, i have some awesome pics that i want to share so bad but every time i try to upload even one the entire Internet crashes... urrggg... i will just have to share lots when i get home to my lovely mac. i'll try to upload in the AM... just 1 more day left...


Anonymous said...

Few comments to Nikkis blog...

1) This is the first time my daughter has ever said "I'll take them" when the pants did not fit me. Apparently my taste is improving or Nikki is turning into her mother.

2)Nikki took great pleasure in snapping photos of me trying to get up the guts to munch on the bag of bugs though I have not gotten her to slurp any down yet. I saved some, they were so tasty that I know she will relish every single leg, wing and head.

3)Never travel with Nikki if you are not a scrap booker. Every sight, every event, every corner is a potential scrapbook page. Her mind is reeling the whole time and she can't decide whether she should see and do more or start her creations.

Nikkis Mom

Brenda Smith said...

HA HA HA! Love Mom's comment! Seriously, everything Nikki does and thinks about wraps around scrapbooking. It's a disease I know, I have it too. Seems like everything is about photos and documenting the travels, even if it's driving Casey to school, to and from Sebastopol!

Have a great last day! Brandi is officially house sitting for you now! Ron is off on his weeklong adventure and Brandi is probably looking forward to a few days of being away from home. It's getting her feet wet for living on her own, minus paying rent and bills! I guess Ron stocked up the kitchen pretty good! Everything will likely still be there when you get back except the milk and cereal! It's her weakness!

Don't worry about posting the photos! Enjoy the time you have left, we can wait a few days to see them!

erin said...

hi nikki!
finally found your blog:) very cool stuff going on here. see you when you get back!

RachelDenbow said...

I was thinking about you today and hoped I hadn't missed getting to comment while you were away.
I can't wait to see the pics but I hope you're enjoying every new experience, awkward and frustrating or lovely and fresh.

Debbi said...

Bwaaaahahahaha on moms comments. I was wondering if you all would try to eat the bugs? I can just picture her giving them to other tourists as your snapping the pics. I should have warned her about traveling with a scrapper.

Miss you

Vee said...

lol, you mom is fuuny!! hehehe, i can't wait to see all of your cool buys and spring rolls, pad thai= heaven :)