Thursday, January 17, 2008

okay captains log 2

have not found an internet cafe although i am told they are everywhere. i am in the hotel and can not upload pics here... :(

today was about getting our bearings. we rode the subway and the sky train downtown and walked around taking it all in.

found the golden buddah and headed to chinatown. lots of walking... lots!

it isn't that hot but is definitly muggy and humid. did a little more sight seeing, rode in a tuk tuk. walked some more. came back to the hotel to regroup before dinner and an evening at the night bazarre.

the people are really nice, i just wish i new the language better. i feel so stupid just smiling. We are all weary of scammers as it is said to be quite commen. Lots of little girls stare at karen and i because of our red and blonde hair i think... i hope that is why. hmmm... okay i am so tired so my mind is going a bit blank... plus i got sick on the plane... started with a sore throat and when i woke up today my entire body was aching and i had a fever... it sure didn't make the day as enjoyable as i would have liked.... but i tried to make the best of it.

heading to cheng mai in the morning and Lisa will meet us there. She changed her flight to come earlier which will be nice.

off to have dinner...

thanks for the comments. they make me smile.

love nikki


Marie said...

Oh no thats sooo sad you got sick!!! I hope u get better quickly! It sounds so wonderful there! You lucky girl. I bet u are gonna bring back some extra awesome stuff.

Vee said...

hope you feel better!! can't wait to hear more about your trip and to see pictures :)

Anonymous said...

Just say "Kob Kun Ka!" That's "thank you" in Thai. :) Hope you feel better and have fun in Chiang Mai. I'm so jealous. I haven't been there for so long. Will you go on an elephant ride?

Debbi said...

What in the heck is a tuk tuk! Was it fun? I can just picture you smiling as they are talking to you. Hope the night bazar is cool. I wish I was there with you. Nothing new to share with you on the home front. Hows the food? Are you surviving on it?