Saturday, January 26, 2008

Here are some pictures. These are mostly from our the day Lisa and I went out exploring the islands. I didn't take my camera on the snorkeling tour because i was worried about the water and sand with my camera.

Yesterday i went out on my own. I walked around with Jack Johnson on my ipod taking pictures. Then i saw a man struggling to load bottles of water on a boat. I grabbed some water and gave him a hand. He was so appreciative he offered to take me to any island for free. I told him i didn't want to go anywhere, but I would like a picture of him. He threw up a peace sign and smiled for the camera. I then began taking pictures of Thai people all along the beach. Some i asked to take their picture, but many saw my camera and asked me to snap a photo. It was pretty fun connecting with them.

I found the Starbucks here in Ao Nang and sat there for a while writing in my journal. The manager gave me her business card and asked that I send them photos from California.

That night i went to a bar up the road and watched a fire show, ate dinner and then met up with the girls. We did a little shopping and hit up another bar. It was called Rock Bar and they had karaoke going.

A few drinks later and Lisa was up on stage singing (i guess you could call it that) Sweet Home Alabama. The bassist was winking at her all night. Watch out K.C. cause she might not be coming home.....

The moms went back to the hotel and Lisa and I found another bar where we met two guys from Spain who spoke little english. I pulled out everything I learned in highschool spanish to communicate with them. (thanks Senior Barosa)

Back at the hotel we snuck into the pool for a quick dip and then off to bed. Today we leave back to Bangkok for 2 days.

Karen has pics from the bar so i will share those pics later.

Love you all!

the view from our first hotel in Krabi

first hotel in Krabi had a private Lagoon.

resturants on long boats docked right on shore

main road in Ao Nong


Brenda Smith said...

Glad you're still having a good time! Things here are going fine. Ron has stocked your cabinets full of cereal and milk for Brandi's house-sitting. Cheap price to pay, lol. I'll be sure to keep an eye out as well so the puppies don't get too spoiled! Have fun and enjoy your last days! Talk to you soon!

Debbi said...

I love that you went off exploring all by yourself for the day. What an amazing experience. I always find that my favorite days are the ones when you really get to connect and talk with the local people. Not just the tour guides. They sound like such nice people. When you come home I REALLY NEED your awesome color matching skills. I need to match one wall color to a couch. I am too confused and I KNOW you will KNOW immediatly which way to go. I miss you very much. Can not wait for you to come home. I know you got some amazing photos for your class and your wall.

Love ya, Debbi

Anonymous said...

Debbi - would you have any doubt about Nikki doing some self-exploration? I trained this girl right -- and if we did not go off by ourselves fairly frequently we would kill each other!!!

Nikkis Mom

Vee said...

love tht you hit the road solo, love doing that, just taking things in at your own pace :) awesome photos, love the one with the boats on the shore selling food :)