Wednesday, January 16, 2008

वे मदे it

we made it here safe and sound late weds night at 11pm bangkok time. the plane ride wasn't as bad as i had expected as we had our own row on each flight due to a non crowded flight. moveies and wine also helped our sanity.

we were in japan for about 3 hours and i loved just the airport. totally want to go back there someday. we stopped at a starbucks in the japan airport and the baristas took a picture for me to bring home to partners in the US... the were all very nice and thought it was so cool i worked for starbucks in california.

okay, i don't have much time and this computer is super slow so i will update with stories and pictures when i find an internet cafe.... i am at the hotel right now.


Brenda Smith said...

So glad you made it and the flight was okay. I know slow internet can be frustrating, so hopefully you'll find an internet cafe and will be able to upload some cool photos.

Vee said...

so glad that you made it there safely! :)

Debbi said...

Did they have different Starbucks cards? How cool to go clear across the glob and connect with people that work at the same company as yourself. Miss you.