Wednesday, January 30, 2008

back in california

made it home safe and sound with just a few hiccups along the way.

I did get up the guts to try the grasshoppers with Lisa before we left town. They weren't that bad. kinda tasted like BBQ chips...seriously.

our last night in bangkok was great. earlier that day mom and i had met 2 canadian girls at a Starbucks. They were backpacking for 3 months. 1 in Australia, 1 in new Zealand and 1 in Thailand. they mentioned they needed prescription mosquito repellent and since we were leaving the next day mom said they could stop by our hotel and have what we had left. She filled a bag with the repellent. hotel shampoos and soaps and wet naps and left it at the front desk for the girls.

Later that night while i waited for mom to shower for dinner i wandered down to the hotel pool because there were signs posted about a pool party for all hotel guests. There was tons of food and drinks including alcohol all for free. The poll was set up lovely with tea lights and flowers. Mom and I stayed and enjoyed the food (yum. tons of fried bananas)

I ran back to our room to drop something off and ran into the canadian girls picking up the bag. I invited them to the party for some free food (they were traveling on a vary limited budget) they joined us and we all sat around the pool for a few hours talking. I hit it off with them right away.

Then the hotel manager came over and invited us on a trolley ride around the city. Mom stayed back for a massage but the canadians came along. It was lots of fun riding through the city at night, talking, taking pictures and getting to know each other. We would stop at various places where the manager would give us the history and share details of the city.

I totally loved these girls. We would so be friends if they lived near me. They came back to the hotel and stayed in my room for a while more talking. I gave them my maps of thailand and my pocket calculator and we exchanged emails. They both want to come to California so I offered them a place to stay when they visit. I hope they take me up on it.

Lisa left that night around midnight and we left the next morning at 8am. The flights were fine and we were all able to sleep a bit and watch some movies. We barely made our connecting flight in Tokyo and were once again making it to the gate with minutes to spare.

Now i am back home with my doggies. I was so anxious to see them and we have spent the day cuddling and unpacking. Ron is in San Jose for the next month for work. He comes home only on the weekends. I went to San Jose last night when we got back in the country and spent the night at his hotel.

2 weeks is the longest I have gone without seeing him or even hearing his voice. I felt like a teenager again because my stomach was filled with butterflies as i waited for him to get off work. I think having time apart like that is great for our marriage because now i feel head over heels in love again like i did when we first started dating.... like when you wait with anticipation for their phone call....

it will be nice to spend this weekend together before i go back to work.

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Vee said...

so glad you made it back safe, awww you and your hubs are so sweet!! :)
love it :)