Monday, January 14, 2008

Off to Thailand!

we leave today! getting pretty excited here. just have a few more small things to get done and then i'm off. I will be traveling with my Mom and my Aunt Karen. Lisa, my cousin will meet us up 1 week into our trip. I'll do my best to blog and share stories and pictures while i am over there as i hear internet cafes are everywhere.

This is a little travel journal i made to take along the road. It is mostly just blank pages inside so i can journal about my experiences and thoughts and staple in snippets here and there... i'll share the completed version when i get home in two weeks.

Oh, if you come to read about my trip stories, leave me a comment.... when we went to to Europe a few years ago, it was so nice to read everyones comments... it made us feel not as homesick.... don't get me wrong, i absolutly love to travel but i still always miss home... especially my lil doggies... and this time the hubby...

Love, Nikki


stephanie said...

wow thailand!! enjoy! love the travel journal..i need to start doing these

Helen said...

Have a total blast Nick.. I'll check your blog to see how you're going. Just go with the flow.. travelling in Asia is very different to travelling in Europe but just as much fun and way more colourful if you just let it wreak its magic on you.

And, when you're eating, watch out for the red bits.. yes, they are chillis but they're different ones to Mexican chillis and they bite back!

Take photos of stalls and markets too... even if what is hanging there looks really really gross!


Anonymous said...

Be sure to go to the JJ Market (Jatujak Market). You can find everything there! And I mean EVERYTHING! Good place to find gifts for your friends. Have fun!

Sawaddee ka!

RachelDenbow said...

Hey, I recognize Sawaddee ka! Have a great time and be sure to collect lots of papers and fabrics!

I saw your journal on Sistv and had to come see what all the Thailand excitement was about. I'll look forward to seeing what this journal looks like on the other side of two weeks abroad! So thrilling.

Brenda Smith said...

Here's an UPDATE:

She is in the air! I spoke with her just as they were boarding the plane, she was only delayed 10 minutes (pretty good considering the amount of fog this morning in San Francisco).

She has a connecting flight in Toyko. After that I think she'll find internet somewhere, she always does!

I love the journal she made, she's so excited about it! I know it will be amazing!

Debbi said...

I miss my little Nicholetta already. Hope your plane flight was all good. I know it was a LOOOONNGGGG one. Did your mom lock you in the bathroom? Love ya. Have fun.

Stewart said...

I hope you have a great trip get along with others it will make the trip better for all of you. I will be checking your blog keep me posted. Love you always Dad