Sunday, January 20, 2008

the cute baristas at the Tokyo airport

for those that wondered... this is a tuk tuk... fun to ride at first, but the pollution and exhaust fumes quickley get to you.... tonight we had a bit of a race with Karen and Lisa in one and my mom and I in another... i really felt like i was on the amazing race

Karen pounding out a monk alms bowl... very can read about it here if you are interested.

we have seen our fair share of buddah statues.... these were two of my faves...

a small Wat (temple) near our hotel in Cheng Mai. it was chained closed, but was in this charming and lush garden.

this was on the outskirts of cheng mai... a small group of women making these traditional parasals.... craziness.

loved seeing this. at night they set up little make shift bars everywhere... like kool-aid stands or something. this vw bus was a bar for the night.

massage time.... i got a full body for like 6 bucks. crazy. it was pretty good, a little painful but relaxing.

love this 2 story starbucks in cheng mai... they were having a staff meeting inside... so cute!

here was today's adventure.... freaking awesome! zip lines through the jungle for about 3 hours. so amazing and cool and unforgettable. not scary, just so awesome. we went with an aussie girl and a german guy too, both traveling by themselves. The girl was in Thailand to celebrate her 24th birthday... thailand was her 24th country. and even weirder is the guide new my friend Angi's boyfriend back in CA. 6 degrees right.

of course, this was a bit of an adventure. Lisa lost her shoe in the jungle when it fell off mid flight... luckily the training guide scurried down into the brush to find it. she also banged up her leg after many times of crashing into the guide on the platform... brakes brakes he kept yelling at her... we all found it amusing.
then, never to be outdown, Mom passed out as we finally touched the ground at the end of the day... as they were lowering us back down she was spinning really fast on the rope and when she landed her blood pressure must have dropped as she slouched over unconciece. thank goodness 26 years of having a nurse for a mom, i rushed over and gave her a good sturnum rub and she woke right up... i know she was proud. she was fine for the rest of the day.

after the course we at lunch at a roadside dinner in the village and hiked up a watwerfall before heading back to town. we layed around during the hot part of the afternoon and then ate dinner and headed to the night bazarre. The other girls are still down there now, i took off a while ago, found some coffee, met some cool thai people who were really impressed by my poloroid camera. they had never seen such a thing and wanted me to take pictures of all of them infront of their booths. it was pretty fun actually and it paid off cause when i was ready to go back to the hotel, they loaded me in a tuk tuk, negotiated a cheap price and sent me on my way...

now i am in the hotel lobby listening to bad karioki and sipping my coffee.
tommorrow will be another full day as we are heading to the elephant santuary.

thanks for the comments. Glad to here my dogs are okay. thanks for letting them out brenda while ron is at work. there are dogs everywhere here, but i think they are homeless and they are really skinny and skraggaly... sad :(


Brenda Smith said...

Glad to hear you're having fun! Great photos btw. I took some myself you might like to see, just click my name on this comment to view them!

Have fun!

Jaime said...

I love the pictures, especially the starbucks ones! Those baristas are cute.

Vee said...

so glad you are having a great time!! glad your mom is okay and your photos are awesome!! :)

Debbi said...

Oh my Gosh. What a great looking Starbucks. So cool. Was it three stories or just the bottom level. Glad you got to zip line and not stop yourself with your finger. Poor mom. That happened to a lady when I went on my zip line in Honduras. That lady did not have a smart daughter with her like your mom did. She was out for awhile. The tuk tuk is sooooo cute. I can picture you racing through the street. I bet the waterfall was amazing. Can't wait to see pictures of the rest of your trip. Oh and I want to live in that little temple with the great garden. So much character. Miss you

Projectwoman said...

Nic.. the photos are wonderful. My fave is the red and green parasols and the monk in the previous post. So glad you found time and a fast enough internet connection to get these up.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

Debbie -
Yep, I have a very smart daughter -
awaking me from my fainting with her very hard sternal rub. I am pretty sure she got some pleasure in doing it too and I have the bruise to prove it :>)

Nikkis Mom