Tuesday, January 22, 2008

No pictures today for the following reasons:

1. my camera cord is in my suitcase
2. my suitcase is in Bangkok
3. I am in Krabi

Why is suitcase in Bangkok.... because it weights over 7 kg.

We were set to leave Cheng Mai today.... already we had changed our flight due to some unexpected things so we were planned to fly cheng mai- bangkok and then catch our connecting flight 40 minutes after we landed to Krabi. To add to the short between time, it was all on 2 different airlines so we would have had to get our luggage, then check in for the second flight and board....

I was already worried about possibly not having time to pick up the luggage, or it getting lost so I packed thing i for sure didn't want to be with out in my carryon and packed the dirty laundry and other non essentials in the bag to be checked....

We get to the airport only to have the airline tell us our check in luggage could not be more than 14 kg and our carryon no more than 7kg... what? seriosly? who's luggage only weights that much?

So, we quickly unload things out of our carryon luggage that we don't want to be without and check the rest. I grabbed a swim suit, 2 dresses, underware, wallet/passport and my camera... not much else i need....

oh and then we pay $130 for the "extra weight" we were checking.

We arrive in Bangkok only to find out that we have to take a bus to the terminal... we now have 30 minutes till our 2nd plane departs... Lisa and I wait for the bags and Karen and Mom go to check us in for the next flight.

We look at the time and Lisa and I decide if we wait any longer for the bags we will miss the next flight, so we start running, ditching the bags. We figured we could get to Krabi and between the airlines and the hotel our luggage would get to us eventually, hopefully.

When we arrive to the counter Karen and Mom have decided that Lisa and I are to fly to Krabi as planned and they would stay in Bangkok, wait for the bags and fly to Krabi in the am. (there are only 4 flights per day to Krabi and we were already on the last one)

So Lisa and I start booking it to the gate, sprinting seriosly.... or what we would like to call sprinting. Talk about the Amazing Race... we really felt like we were on it...

In the end we made it to the flight (outta breath no less) and saftly to Krabi.
We are now at the hotel and Karen and Mom should be arriving tomorow with luggage.

It was certainly and intersting travel day. I am ready for a good strong drink and a relaxing swim in ocean.

BTW, we spoke with an American woman who is Thai in the airport and she wasn't charged extra for her bags and her carry on was well over 7 kg... every non-Thai we spoke to was charged... so when you are in Thailand.... do not fly Thai Asia Air... besides this negative experience with the luggage their were many more dissapoints with the airline.


Debbi said...

OMG Nikki! You have been on the amazing race two times now since you left. Seriously! How fun and how stressful. Hope the rest of your stay there is all good.

Brenda Smith said...

Wow, I hope the bags arrive safely. The airline lost our luggage, fortunately it was on the flight home and not the flight to our vacation!

Anonymous said...

Bags arrived safely via Mom and Aunt Karen. The resort grounds are gorgeous with an awesome pool. All airlines have been great except for Thai Asia - they make Southwest look like Airforce One. Weather is hot, sticky, humid -but it sure as heck beats January rain, fog and sleet!
Nikkis Mom

Debbi said...

Ummm.....NIKKI...........Check your email. I THINK you may have made it to the next round of Fashionistas. There is no official list yet but some crazy game happened last night to figure out who made it and your name was on the list of guesses. I don't know it is all so confusing but check your email. I KNEW you would make it. So excited for you...woo hoo!!! Be sure and let me know for sure if you did or not. I am dying over here.

Vee said...

so glad you got your luggage!! :) can't wait to see pics of the resort. the kit was so much fun, loved playing with it! :)

Projectwoman said...

Nic.. if you get to read this and if you're coming home via Tokyo and if you can.. can you get me a couple of bags of Wasabi pistachios at tokyo airport. they are packed in a big bag around 12 inches by 10 and there are little individual packages of the green pistachios inside. I will sooooo make it worth your while to hike them back for me.. can we say I'll not only pay you back (duh) but also throw in a gift certificate to your fave place? ;)
I seriously love these and I can't get them anywhere else.. and flying to tokyo just to buy them has been on my mind.. seriously!

thks.. helen