Tuesday, May 1, 2007

i'm alive... i swear!

i feel like i have been really busy latly and that should be the excuse for not bloggin.... but then when i think about it...all i have done is work.

i did spend a day at my mom's working in her garden as her birthday present. her yard is amazing....i am so jelous.
on sunday i went to the Apple Blossom fest in sebastopol with brenda and her girls. Small festival, but it was a nice day in the sun. i got a little burnt.....imagine that! :)

last night ron and i had got to go to the giants game. It was great. Amazing seats right on the 3rd base line behind the dugout and about 20 rows back. and.... THEY WON! I love this time of the year. Giants are doing great. Warriors and Sharks are both in the playoffs...it's a great time to be a sports fan in the bay area!

off to bed now.... i just got home from work and i am pooped!


Debbi said...

Welcome back to Blog world. I was starting to think you forgot about it. Go Giants!

Finding Myself said...

What the heck I visityour blog and you don't visit mine?

The Scrapppery said...

CHecking your fav places.... Guess I don't rate??

Anonymous said...

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