Sunday, May 20, 2007

some sunday picture loving

the original starbucks in seatlle's pike place market. i love this place. it has all the original wood from 1971...just georgeous... and look at the ladder along the retail wall....kinda charlie and the chocolate factory like.....

these little icream trucks were all over the UK. this one was in the town of Lecock. yum! it was the best icecream ever. i can't even explain how good it is. it is called super wippy. i have never tasted any icecream like it....mmmm, kinda like cool whip and soft serve combined...but better!

and finally...Toby. I love this picture of him...he is sooooo cute, don't ya think?

enjoy the rest of your weekend,


Brenda Smith said...

I would love to go see the original Starbucks, looks so nostalgic. Gotta love Toby! He's got such an awesome personality!

Debbi said...

I miss my Toby!