Wednesday, May 9, 2007

hapy hump day

1. Lost is on tonight! love this show!

2. what happened to spring? it has been like 90 degrees here. i'm not ready for summer yet.

3. I hope the Warriors win tonight!

4. This was a cute movie. very funny! we watched it last night.

5. Here is the song i am obsessed with right now! i love lily allen. it's not her song, but i like her cover better than the original.

1 comment:

kacy said...

1. I dont watch Lost, so don't ask if i do when we talk next like you always do
2.Its been 90's here too!!! But I like it, i'm already showing a slight inkling of color
4. I thought the Break-up was ok but the ending was kinda "eh."
5. Like the song, love the ending.........................................JAZZY!