Friday, May 4, 2007

10 things

that i am loving right now!

1. GS Warriors.... I believe!
2. pistachio icecream (especially the green kind)
3. Feist
4. lilly allen's version of nieve by the kooks
5. hambly screen prints
6. Lost.... it is getting sooooo good!
7. sleeping dogs
8. my job!
9. great white beer
10. spendig my entire day off in my pjs doing n-o-t-h-i-n-g!


Brenda Smith said...

My responses to your 10 things:
1. Lakers lost
2. plain ole vanilla
3.Feist, new to me, but I like it
4. don't know it
5. don't have a fav right now
6. 24 & prison break
7. house to myself
8. I love Starbucks too!
9. Diet Pepsi
10. Spending a day off and not feeling guilty about doing no chores.

Debbi said...

Hm. I will have to think about my 10 things I love.