Sunday, May 20, 2007

my closet

cleaned out our hall closet today. and i found some funny things.

1. my cd walkman that i won at grad night in high school. so funny. i thought it was so cool. it was so cool8 years ago when i won it. it even has a conector that you can put in your car cassete player so you can listen to cds in your car. too funny. that will be going in the garage sale.

2. an old home movie my best friend angi and i made in high school. a music video of sorts, dancing to "girls" by the beastie boys. need to figure out how to upload a vhs to my comouter so i can share. soooo funny.

3. a bunch of old tapes from when we would TAPE tv shows when we weren't home. okay, i know some people still do this, but wow, life before tivo sucked! plus the tv shows were kinda funny too cause they were old....

4. in that collection of taped tv shows i found a complilation of the gameshow Super Market Sweep. my old roomie and i auditioned to be on the show so we would tape all the episodes to "practice". hahaha! we actually were accepted to be on the show, but it was cancelled a few weeks after we were accepted. bummer.

5. my ticket stubs and itinerary from our honeymoon to Cabo. why ron was saving them i don't know. it was a great trip though!

lots of other old stuff that is going to the garage sale, but those things made me smile!

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Brenda Smith said...

I loved Super Market Sweep! I sometimes would yell at the people (on tv) cause they wouldn't go for the ham and diapers! Only the two most expensive items in the whole store!