Saturday, May 26, 2007


kacy and CB just left back for Winters to go to a wedding. We had a great time yesterday. We took the pups for a nice hour long walk around the college. Cowboy have up toward the end and just laid down on the grass in the shade...the look on his face was can't make me walk anymore! he mustered up the energy to get home where we laid around outside and laughed at the dogs. Toby and CB loved chasing and wrestling each other. Lola was a little scared since he is 3 times her size...she would not stop barking at him. Ron fired up the grill and we chowed down on steak and chicken and corn and potatoes. Yum! the first bbq of the season was great. brenda stopped by to meet Kacy and CB and we chatted for a bit with her. Later, all the "kids" and kacy and i passed out on the couches. it was a lot of relaxing fun. i always love it when she comes to visit, but this time was especially great cause my little "nephew" came too!
oh, and kacy and i had way too much fun using the iphoto booth on the mac...we were laughing so hard we were crying...


Brenda Smith said...

OMG! I love the photos you guys took! It was really REALLY nice to meet your sister! I think you are right about the best friends sisters can be. I just love Cowboy! He's huge! Very Adorable! Kacy is as awesome as you said, I could have spent lots of time talking with the two of you, but I needed to go home and keep my promise to what I told Heather! LOL!!!!

Debbi said...

OMflippinG! Too funny. What a great bunch of pictures to wake up to. LOL. Glad you all had a great time. I can just picture the two of you cracking up. Wish I was there.

kacy said...

Hilarious even the 2nd time is the first time i've come online since our return. It's been nice not using my computer but I see I have lots of blogging to catch up on.
We had lotsa fun too and miss you guys!