Thursday, May 31, 2007

peri peri sauce!

i am so totally excited right now!

first, let me say that while we were in london last year, ron and a really hard time finding food he really liked. we ate at burger king multiple times cause he wasn't liking the local cuisine. on our last few days there we discoverd this amazing chicken resturant called Nandos. they use their famous peri peri sauce and mmmmm it was so good. we ended up eating there 2 or 3 more times before we left.

ronny mentions this place periodically throughout the year and drools.

so today, igot onto google and low and behold...they sell the actual sauce all over the place (costplus)

so, i think i am gonna go out to santa rosa today and get him a bottle or two as a surprise. this will work out especially nice considering he is on an all chicken diet...and lost 25 lbs so far doing it.

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Brenda Smith said...

Ron is looking great! I sure could use a diet!